Happy birthday, Ember!

19 04 2011

(Missed by a day, darn it.)

Luna’s oldest daughter that I know – Kestrel – I met as a weanling after the last roundup. Starting with Ember, I’ve met her foals within days of their births. Luna is remarkable and has much to do with teaching me (as well as her babies) the ways of the herd and of the basin.

It’s hard to fathom the quick passage of time …

That this beautiful girl – a mother herself now and awaiting her second …

… and this beautiful baby … are one and the same!

The parents’ lament.

Ember and Kestrel have been the quiet, old-soul daughters of Luna … Hannah surprised me, then, with her get-into-everything, go-everywhere attitude. Gideon, their younger brother, takes after Hannah.

Em and her firstborn, Fierro, last fall. Fierro is somewhat of a cross in personality between Ember and Hannah and Gideon. Very quiet when he was little, recently, he has started to show some spark in living up to his name (he was born on the Fourth of July!).

Happy birthday, shy girl. May all your foals be as beautiful as you are.



2 responses

19 04 2011
Linda Horn

Happy Birthday Ember! I’m sending you a virtual Carrot Cake with NO candles. Just too dry to risk “embers”. Hope SCB got some of the rain that pelted us overnight.

19 04 2011

We did get quite a bit! Nice and wet and that wonderful scent to the air. Even thunder here very late (after midnight). I hope it’s dry enough for me to get in this week … but I’m more grateful for the rain!!

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