14 04 2011

Look at this handsome little guy! Having not seen Shadow except for her back from a distance on the other side of a hill, as far as I know, this little mister is the first baby of the year in Spring Creek Basin. His color and markings tell you just who he belongs to … Do you know?

Soft claybank dun and big, b(o)ld face …

Daddy, of course, is Hollywood – and, as far as I know, this is the first dun he has sired! (Sage, almost 2, is grey, and Tenaz, almost a yearling, is bay.)

Who’s mama???

Iya – of course! Look at those matching faces! It’s like she’s been a mama forever. She grazes along, and he follows. She’s not as outwardly affectionate as some other new mamas (at least not with “company”). I think he’s not more than a coupla-few days old – still a little “bunched,” still a little over at the knees, ears still the tiniest bit curled at the tips. Iya herself was a big, big, baby for her mama, Houdini, but this little guy seems just right for a first baby. It seems nearly unbelievable that such a creature could grow and rest in that belly, eh? All folded up and snug. Another miracle into the world.

Now out in the world … and welcome to your Spring Creek Basin, little one!



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14 04 2011

Soooo cute – Daddy’s coloring and Mama’s blaze – the perfect combination! So what are you calling this little one? 🙂

14 04 2011

Hi TJ!
How are things ? Its been a while since we last talked. Lya’s foal took my breath away! he is a cute little thing.I cant belive that Iya has become a mama. Do you know which horses will be removed in the roundup?
Take care

14 04 2011
Linda Horn

Just returned from the dentist, and any discomfort went away when I saw this handsome youngster. Properly-managed Mustangs are such quality horses. It makes me angry when people refer to them as anything less. He’s nicely filled out already, and look at those strong legs and good pasterns! The “family portrait” says it all … “This is how we are meant to be!”

14 04 2011

Amy – I was almost thinking “Gypsy” because of those dark eyes … when I realized “she” was a he! I haven’t quite decided yet …

Alex – hello! Yep, our “fabulous creature” has become a mama. I ought to post pix of her as a baby. Wouldn’t that be cute – she was born sorrely-red. I don’t know which horses will be removed … a lot of it depends on which horses they round up (which they bring in) … I’m trying to focus on what we can do to prevent another helicopter ever and can’t quite get to the removal yet …

Linda – yep! We have some really nice horses – and just ask anyone who has adopted one! Their legs – their tough, strong, thick-boned legs! – constantly fascinate me. I’m going through pix now, and I was marveling at Comanche’s long-long mustang-stride – like I do every time I see it. These horses are amazing! I like to show the daddies with their babies – or stepbabies. You *know* what the mamas are thinking … what do the daddies think of these little creatures that appear suddenly in their midst? Baby-less Baylee is already in auntie mode … Sage tried to check out the little guy when he wandered a little way away from mama (she was quick to run him off and make sure he hadn’t touched a hair on baby’s head) … and even Piedra (due later in the month) kept wandering grazing into my frame between me and the new youngster. Just incredible, these amazing creatures.

14 04 2011
Lynn Bauer and Kathy Pariso

The little mister is beautiful! Iya sure has turned out to be a beautiful mare and will be a great mom! Holls, well, Holls is Holls – fantastic stallion, unique in every respect! We remember him before he became a band stallion in April of ’09 – he’s very special and seems to be a very loving and attentive father, as all the band stallions with young-uns seem to be! Wish we could have made the trip up there this week… Well, there’s always May…

14 04 2011

oh what a beautiful baby!!

14 04 2011

Lynn and Kathy – Indeed! Everything! I’m so happy to see Holls reproducing his color (though that’s just a frivolous love – ha!). Wish ya’ll could have made it, too … Understand the delay!!

Billie – He’s just gorgeous!

14 04 2011

Tj you have such a sweet way of telling the really wonderful stories of your experiences. What a beautiful baby!

15 04 2011
Pat Amthor

What a beautiful baby! You are so right, how is it possible all of that is curled up in Momma! Long legs and that great face! Can’t wait to see him. I am excited about the time at Disappointment in a month. Pray for good weather! I am so ready to see those beautiful horses in the valley. Good ob, as usual!

15 04 2011

What a sweet baby- I’m already attached :] He looks JUST like Iya!

17 04 2011

Thanks, Linda – wonderful experiences make super stories! Isn’t he awesome? 🙂 And yep, Rochlia, he’s a ringer for mama!

Pat, I’m definintely hoping for good weather next month! Hope it’s just perfect!

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