13 04 2011

Well, folks, bad news about Spring. I finally found Poco and Roach today – right off the road (of course!) – and she’s not with them. Unless she’s wandering around by herself – not likely, especially after all this time – the poor girl has ascended to a “higher pasture.” I only hope her passing was as quick and painless as possible.

The other big news is that Twister and Cuatro have “lost” Duke – who is back to his lone ways and sticking closer to “home” – but they’ve gained two new compadres: Storm and Ze! Twister is 4 this spring (the lone colt left of 2007); Storm will be 3 in July; Cuatro will be 2 in May; Ze just turned 2. Oh, what havoc will they wreak?! Ha – look out!

I saw David, Shadow (who was due Monday) and Wind – but just behind a hill and for about 30 seconds before they went totally out of sight. I hiked in from the Disappointment Road later than I had intended and then couldn’t find them, so although I *saw* them, I didn’t get a good enough look to see whether a little one is shadowing Shadow’s hooves.

Just checked the weather, and western Colorado is a swath of green (rain). Not much sleep last night but SO worth it! I left work at 10 till midnight, drove to the basin, arrived at about 2:20 a.m., breathed deep the glorious air, reveled in the stars so almost within reach, slept about three hours to be up before sunrise over the east ridges and Knife Edge – which caught me with the REAL reason that made the trip so worth while … coming up.



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14 04 2011

😦 Sad about Spring… I love your story about leaving work at midnight to get there before sunrise. That is dedication!

14 04 2011
Linda Horn

Yes, at this point, I think we must assume Spring’s spirit is running with the Heavenly Herd. I know the Lion King’s “Circle of Life” is referenced entirely too much, but it’s a reality for all living things. I’m going to go back through your “Spring” links, learn more about her, and celebrate her life.

The Circle continues with this year’s foals. Can’t wait to see them!

14 04 2011

Indeed … 😦 I was so sure on my last visit that I’d find her, find the boys, find all well. This time, I saw Roach first, and I just knew, even before I had seen Poco or seen the whole area where they were.

Long, dark drive … but sooooo worth it. I think I’ll do it again. Humans are just not meant to sit at desks and computers five days a week – especially computers that seem to constantly fight against you!

14 04 2011

Linda – I must have been typing when you commented. I agree about the circle of life … though it’s easier to let go an elder who has lived a long life than a youngster, especially when you know it must have been some kind of catastrophic injury. She was Seven’s and Roja’s daughter, a wary band that doesn’t want much to do with people – Seven was rounded up and lost his family (he had at least one daughter) … they were chased by a guy in a truck seeking pix … and those are just things I know about. I certainly don’t blame them, and other than documenting the foals, I try to leave them alone as much as possible. Though Spring’s life was short, it must have been wonderful. Thank you for celebrating her!

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