11 04 2011

Wow. Things have been so busy here – and the status of one little girl so unknown – that three birthdays have passed with no mention. I’m going to do them all – and the fourth – today – in this post and then try to do a better job for the youngsters whose birthdays are coming.

Spring – April 2

This is the last good photo I have of Spring – from November. The last time I saw her was Feb. 3 with Bruiser (very far pix against snow). Before that, I saw her Jan. 5 with her family (Seven’s band). She’s either with Poco and Roach (I haven’t been able to find them since March 3, though I’ve been looking very hard, for this very reason) … or she’s not with us anymore. She’s a yearling if she’s still with us.

Ze – April 6

Ze, right, is now 2 years old. You can see by his face that he’ll turn grey like daddy Seven. His sorrel mama, Roja, is behind them, and “little sister” Shane is at left (she’s Mona and Kreacher’s little girl; now they’re with Seven’s band).

Hannah – April 8

Hannah-girl, center, is also 2 now. Her mama is queen-mama Luna – so prominent that she not only has alpha-mare status, she commands her own band. Pinon, left, (3 next month) and Sable (2 next month) are likely her half-siblings – courtesy daddy Steeldust, who now claims Alpha while Butch claims Luna. Hannah and these two – and Ember and her boy, Fierro – are in Hook’s band, since last spring. Hannah was named after a very generous young lady named Hannah, who, for the last two years, has sent $100 of her babysitting money to the Colorado chapter of the National Mustang Association.

I believe the silly girl is pregnant.

Always the comedienne. 🙂

Wind – April 11

This is the most recent photo I have of Wind, right, with daddy David (mama Shadow is lower to the left), taken March 17. I saw them all on March 31 – too far for pix. This is one of the most elusive bands and most wary of people, and I don’t bother them too much, even when I do see them – so I don’t have as many photos of Wind as of the other babies (though the same can be said of both Spring and Ze). He’s a year old today!

In September

Sharing a quiet moment with mama back in June. Look how dark he’s become – now very dark like Liberty and Spring.

Happy birthdays, all you beautiful babies!



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11 04 2011
Linda Horn

Happy Birthday to All! And, wherever Spring is, Birthday Blessings on her as well. I read some Gather Report stretching back over a number of years that SCB horses were seen “off the reservation” a couple of times, requiring they be rounded up (and brought back?). Is that a possibility for those you haven’t been able to find?

11 04 2011

At this time, I don’t think so – and because it’s one horse and not a band of horses, I don’t think so. I’m worried about the conditions that are coming … and I think the lack of water and forage in 2007 – with the big population – led to horses looking for ways to get to both those resources that they couldn’t find or couldn’t find enough of within the fenced boundaries. The low/broken fence areas from that time have been fixed, and the horses haven’t been desperate enough to look at how to get to better forage/water.

13 04 2011

Beautiful images! Hope you can find little Spring!

I do have one question…are you at the Basin often enough that you know the exact birth dates? I was just curious…I have most of “my” ponies’ b’dates written down but most are “guestimates” lol 🙂

13 04 2011

Unfortunately, no such luck on Spring … I saw the last two boys today, and she’s not with them … 😦

I do know some exact birthdays, and some are guesstimates. Wind’s is exact. I’m out both days of my “weekend” every week during foaling season, so I’m usually fairly certain my guesses are within a day or two based when I saw the mare last and the “gangliness”/development of the foal. I do love this time of year … though it’s a little bittersweet this year with the roundup coming up. Stay tuned for pix of – if not our first baby of the year – the first I’ve seen!

14 04 2011

So sad about Spring…we lost a soon-to-be-yearling also this winter 😦

Unfortunately I only get out to the Highlands every other week so my guestimates aren’t as reliable as yours (would love to go more often but since it is 3 hrs away, I am really feeling the rising gas prices lol)…however I like to think I am usually accurate within a few days as well. It helps that my mom has a horse farm and I have seen mares and foals in all stages of life:) (Plus I have my horsey friend and sister to confer with lol) I can’t wait to see your pix of the first foal of the year!!:)

14 04 2011

The worst thing is not knowing what the heck happened. We had a mild winter …

Three hours … I’m always grateful “my” herd is *only* two hours away! And there are two ways to get there (one longer, one shorter, but both about two hours), so that varies things. In the winter, I have “the highway way,” and in non-snow months, I have “the back way” which goes through Forest Service and private ranch land and is beautiful and quiet and low-traffic.

Same here on aging them. With the first-time mares, they could foal any time – I’ve been so focused on looking for Spring these last several weeks that I haven’t been watching as closely for signs of impending motherhood as in years past, but I do love knowing when some mares are due. Just part of the whole beautiful process! I must have been working on the post about the new baby while you were commenting – he’s up!

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