Tender boys

26 03 2011

Monday, March 28 is the deadline to call the Dolores Public Lands Office at (970) 882-6800 *to request placement on the mailing list* to be sent the scoping letter for the Spring Creek Basin Herd Management Area roundup this fall. The scoping letter then should be coming out very soon. The scoping letter also will be online, and I’ll post that link when it’s ready. The deadline for comments will be in that letter.


Most of their interaction involved nuzzling and biting each other’s cheeks. Bounce would strike every so often, but he and/or Whisper seemed to know just how far his legs would reach, and he never came close to actually hitting Whisper (in fact, it seems to me that strikes aren’t intended to connect but to serve as either a warning or a defense of self). Whisper didn’t do any striking. Hasn’t learned it yet? No need to “defend” himself from daddy Bounce? Was it, in Bounce’s case, habit from long use?

Time, time runs away from me. For now, I tease you with slices of their lives. 🙂



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