Funny boys

25 03 2011

Monday, March 28 is the deadline to call the Dolores Public Lands Office at (970) 882-6800 *to request placement on the mailing list* to be sent the scoping letter for the Spring Creek Basin Herd Management Area roundup this fall. The scoping letter then should be coming out very soon. The scoping letter also will be online, and I’ll post that link when it’s ready. The deadline for comments will be in that letter.


A little entertainment to get you in the mood for the weekend.

A lone deer had bounded out behind the horses, which caught their attention and put them on the alert. A much bigger group had been grazing earlier nearby, so I’m not sure why that gal was lagging. Seemingly to lighten the mood, Whisper started playing with Bounce. He indulged, and they nuzzled and “chewed” on each other around the face, etc. But Bounce kept turning his back on Whisper to face me. He’d back into Whisper and raise one hind leg then the other in a clear signal to get Whisper to back off … but not only did Whisper not back off, he finally grabbed daddy’s tail, which – of course – had the effect of getting daddy to turn around and play with him again! This is the second time Whisper did it. 🙂

Horses with a sense of humor? Of course!



2 responses

25 03 2011
Lynn Bauer and Kathy Pariso

That’s one brave little mister, or he trusts that his Daddy’s in a good mood! 🙂

26 03 2011

Or he knows daddy won’t really hurt him. 🙂 Pure cheekiness, I think. It’s a side of them I don’t very often see … and fascinates me when I do see it.

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