A little light, a little glimpse

19 03 2011

The air this week was warmer, the wind just as stiff, the sun mostly losing its wager with the clouds. I forgot to apply sunscreen but managed to avoid sunburn despite some nice, long hikes and wonderful pony visits.

The biggest news of the “weekend” is that not only is Bruiser alone, Spring is MIA. Seven’s were very near Bruiser; not with them. I spotted the pintos and  visited them later; not with them. David’s? Nope. Chrome’s? Nope. Luna’s? Hook’s? Those are the bands in the area or close to that frequented by Bruiser and Spring when I saw them together and Bruiser otherwise these last few months. Nope. Didn’t see Cinch’s or Poco and Roach this visit, but in the last two visits, I’ve seen everybody but Spring.

When I walked out to the pintos – very close to the road but in a place where I wouldn’t have seen them if I hadn’t known they were there (I saw them originally from above!) – Milagro was the first to see me … then bachelor Mesa. Neither of them raised an alarm but went on grazing, so I was able to watch the other horses for a while before the others started to become aware of me. When Puzzle saw me, she looked around for mama, who was a little distance away. She broke into this flamboyant little trot …

Then stopped again for a look!

Shortly after, she was reunited with mama Chipeta.

Chipeta wasn’t too worried …

Kiowa, even less so!

The light broke though the clouds just before sunset, but the horses were so relaxed, they weren’t even facing me, let alone looking at me! Oh the hardship! 🙂 (The next day, I’d take a pic of six horses – all facing me, all ears pricked! Oh, the joy!) It was nice just to visit with these guys; I hadn’t spent any time with them all winter.

Corazon and Ty had a minor disagreement over sniffing rights on a manure pile. It always amazes me how high they can strike.

Moments later:


I got my first close look at the pintos in quite a while – enough to be fairly sure that both Reya (foreground), almost 4, and Spook, almost 3, are pregnant. So we’re looking at the possibility of four foals in the pinto band this year (with Kiowa and Chipeta). For new readers, Reya and Spook are Kiowa’s daughters. Interestingly, all her foals (since 2007 – Reya was released with her after the last roundup) are still with her … No other mare in the basin holds that distinction. Then again, the pintos stay fairly well isolated from the other bands (and there are three bachelors plus the band stallion with the band), so it’s not that surprising.

Last gasp of sunlight … I loved how they are so softly illuminated – along with the hills in the background.

Not a chance of seeing the not-quite-full moon come up because it was so cloudy. Anyone going to watch the supermoon come up tonight? The official time of moonrise – in Durango, at least – is 7:49 p.m., according to our story. That never seems to account for the fact that we’re ringed by mountains – or at least high ridges – but there it is. Get out and enjoy it, coming up over land I hope you love.



One response

24 03 2011
Pat Amthor

Oh, my, fabulous pix and commentary, to boot! Puzzle wins today for me. What a great trot and turn!

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