8 03 2011

A scattering of pix in this post … mostly it struck me how intent Fierro was on the goings-on, despite his family – and Steeldust – keeping him safely out of the fray.

The little guy with auntie Hannah (mama Ember’s little sister).

With other auntie Sable (mama’s little half-sister).

With Uncle Pinon (mama’s half-brother). I’m not at all sure why Pinon didn’t join the games … I suspect it has a little to do with the little mister and possibly a little more to do with the girls. He’s very attached to Ember – year-mates. Probably the only reason Hook tolerates him in the family … and I wonder, too, how long that will last … and until Pinon finds himself with Twister and Co. (or?) …

Hook and Fierro, Hannah, Sable and Ember below. Fierro had earlier tried to snuggle up to Hook, but Hook wasn’t having any of it at the time. Here, Hook walked up to Fierro, who is now looking back at stepdaddy’s attention.

Luna and Alpha trying their best to catch some shut-eye with all the goings-on (across the arroyo to the left). This was just after Butch had rejoined Luna after his little foray with the boys. Luna looks decent for a girl who has had multiple foals in a row (this will be her fifth foal since I’ve known her (Kestrel, Ember, Hannah, Gideon). I’d love to give her a rest … She should stay, not only because of her outside genetics (she and two others came from Sand Wash Basin in 2001) but because of her wise alpha-mare status (like Alpha above her).

Some of the boys’ roughhousing brought them down into the arroyo and up the hill a bit, and Steeldust charged down in warning – you can maybe see a little of the dust obscuring the saltbush below him. I found it so interesting that he didn’t need to wade in – knew it was play – and he had his own role – protecting Alpha. What a dynamic this little band has. How long will it be before Storm leaves mama? Will Steeldust and Alpha and Butch and Luna stay together? Mahogany and Sundance and Aspen left … at whose instigation? Will Butch eventually challenge Steeldust for Alpha, too? Steeldust backed down to him last spring … but Butch was focused on Luna and never challenged for Alpha. And with Butch’s “must-be-at-her-side-always” style, how many mares does he think he can care for? I think Alpha will stay with Luna as long as possible.

When Storm and Twister resumed their play after their intermission and greeting of baby Gideon – and Mouse stepped in – Gideon retreated to mama. Check out his body language. Doesn’t it scream “little brother sent home”? 🙂 Patience, little.

Clearly still finding comfort with mama, who has just as clearly weaned him and wasn’t in the mood to baby him. He sought a snuggle, and she pinned her ears at him for his efforts. Though she didn’t mind his nearness – nor Butch’s, immediately on her other side. (I’m not sure I’d be less grumpy with a baby in the belly.)

Fierro was looking for somebody to “practice” on, and Sable seemed to fit the bill – at least briefly.

Twister and Cuatro walking up away from the arroyo. Storm followed closely – Duke and Mouse stayed below (grazing).  They paused at a stud pile – which Twister contributed to, which prompted yet another “discussion.” 🙂

Hook eventually chased his group away over the ridge and to the next ridge – which led to them going the opposite direction as the others ended up going. But that little Fierro just couldn’t get enough!

And Hook couldn’t resist a last look, either. 🙂



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8 03 2011

Poor Gideon! He needs a buddy his own age. Not allowed to join in with the big boys and mama won’t play with him, either! I know how that feels. Were him and Fierro ever close enough to say hello, or was Fierro just too interested in the games?

8 03 2011

Beautiful photos – as always! But there is something about that last image of Hook that is spellbinding! I want to visit these horses someday if I ever get out that way! After reading your blog I feel like I know them!

9 03 2011

Toppyrocks – Gideon got to play briefly … but not too much. He’ll have a little brother or sister in a couple more months! He and Fierro didn’t get together … Interestingly, Tenaz and Winona (in Hollywood’s and Comanche’s bands, respectively) have played together when their families were close together, but I haven’t seen that too much otherwise. Kestrel and Piedra – their mothers – used to be in the same band; that may be part of it. But all the horses in Hook’s band used to be in Luna’s band – are, in fact, her daughters and Mahogany’s (recently left) and (likely) Steeldust’s offspring.

Amy – I do hope you’ll get to visit Spring Creek Basin some day soon! I’m glad you feel like you know them! They’re so worth knowing! 🙂

9 03 2011
Linda Horn

Fierro is so curious, and must be learning by observation. Not big enough to join in yet, but he will be soon. And I love the dapples, although I imagine they fade with age as they do in domestics, especially the greys. I wonder if Steeldust was dappled when he was younger.

9 03 2011

Linda – Definitely, Fierro is curious – as they all are, to varying degrees!! Watching the youngsters learn is the most fascinating of all (to me). I suppose that’s one reason why I was so fascinated by the play fighting – that’s exactly what that is, too – learning!

And yes, the dapples fade as they get older – eventually, they’ll be nearly “white” like Alpha and Houdini and Grey/Traveler. It depends some, too, what color they were born. Comanche has mostly greyed out of his brownish tinge – which you can still see clearly in Mouse (they used to look nearly identical in color). Butch also has gone a little more grey while Sundance still retains a tiny bit of the “pink” they both originally sported. I haven’t seen any others with that rose grey hue … but a few with the brown-grey like Comanche and Mouse – Piedra, Twister (though he’s even greyer than Mouse already – though, did you notice the resemblance between those two?). And then look at Ember, Cuatro, Storm and Terra. All born reddish-sorrel-chestnut – all very dark now with just the slightest tinge of their former red (and I wonder if I’m seeing it or seeing it through memory?). Two Boots was born black and is steely grey – though patterned more like Alegre and less like Hook. Chrome is very light now – though just a couple of years ago, he was a “steelier” grey – with his “chrome,” his blaze and stockings, very well defined. Whisper is nearly as black as Bounce still! But his face gives away his greying … and look at bachelor Ty. I thought he was black until the last year or so when he finally started “grizzling”! Ha. I didn’t intend this to get so long until I started talking about the “greying” factor and kept thinking of all our greys – it’s the dominant color in the basin (followed by bay, of which we have some different shades, too!).

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