Two other boys

7 03 2011

I don’t really have an introduction to this photo, other than I was going on through photos, trying to decide what slice of life to share next. A very piecemeal way to do it, but such is life. I just decided not to wait to share this one.

This was after Steeldust and Hook scuttled Fierro back to the band after he got  “too close.” He’s come back now to stand with stepdaddy Hook and watch the goings-on. Perfect opportunity to take a portrait of the boys with that amazing background. Dapply dapples and warm red-bay and gorgeous light – and the day had barely begun. Handsome and beautiful!



2 responses

7 03 2011
Linda Horn

Another beautiful photo to top off my day. I’m continually amazed at how wild horses survive and thrive in such challenging conditions. The “Horses USA 2011 Annual” named Mustangs one of their “15 Fabulous Breeds”. I think a well-chosen Mustang would be the perfect companion, both psychologically and economically. Smart, personable, healthy, thrifty, and a lift for the human spirit.

8 03 2011

Lots of people believe that … 🙂 I’d love to adopt one of “mine” some day … I love seeing them wild.

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