Daddy daughter dance

26 02 2011

Some of my favorite moments in visiting the horses come when the adults have close, quiet moments with the youngsters. That these beings are so closely bonded with their family members is obvious in such an intimate way, and I love to witness and share these moments. These are some of my favorite images of that entire remarkable, beautiful day:

Winona peeking around Comanche’s tail.

Comanche and ‘Nona and mama Kestrel.

She loves her mama Kestrel, of course.

She adores stepdaddy Comanche …

… and I think it’s pretty plain that he adores her, too.

We have such a romantic vision of these horses … mustangs of the Wild West … How they’re portrayed in novels, in Hollywood movies … Reality is far more powerful, I think. In all their muddy-from-snowmelt glory … this is how they are. This is the life they lead. What would *they* tell us if they could?

These are the phenomenal, close, intimate, beautiful bonds they share. They depend on each other, rely on each other – Kestrel and Winona saw me first, Comanche saw them alert, looked to them, then looked where they looked, saw me a hill away – spend every moment together, eating, napping, playing, fighting, breeding, in curiosity, in fear, in bravery. Their language is richer than we could ever imagine, maybe than we can ever fully comprehend. Much to admire, much to aspire to in their behavior toward each other. We humans have not a fraction of their grace upon this Earth.



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26 02 2011

Love the beautifully intimate photos TJ. “We humans have not a fraction of their grace upon this Earth.” Sadly, there is so much truth in that statement.

26 02 2011

Thanks, Pam. We can learn so much from animals if we quiet our human-centric expectations and just pay attention. The more I see, the more I realize I miss. With your gorgeous photos, I know you’re one who understands this completely!

26 02 2011

Gosh–that is what my blog post is about today, too. Is it in the air? That is the secret most people do not know–they are even more wonderful in their quiet times together–the times that don’t often get videotaped! You really caught it, TJ. There is just an awful tenderness in the way they bury their heads together. Horses are capable of tremendous bonds with one another. A good reason to devote yourself, as you do, to keeping those families together. Thanks!

26 02 2011

If it’s in the air, that’s a delightful breeze, indeed! These are the moments I love to witness!

27 02 2011

It must be the air…because the post I was just working on is also remarkably similar to this! Animals – especially horses – are just so amazing…we can learn so much from them if we only take the time to listen.

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