Elder and younger = friends

2 12 2010

Two stallions, one younger, one elder.

What makes a friend? Care? Compassion? Comfort in the other’s presence?

By any definition, these two – elder Duke and younger Twister – are friends.

Is there any doubt? Different ages, yes. Bachelors, yes. Friends, yes? 🙂

Their paths have crossed lots of times this year, but they haven’t stayed together consistently. They’ve been together – with younger Cuatro – the last couple of weeks. In human terms, I like knowing they’re together. On their terms, I think they like being together. The youngsters have a wonderful mentor in wise Duke.

They’ve been hanging out with Hook’s merry little band lately, and that’s an interesting story as well because Hook tolerates them almost like they’re in his own band. Duke keeps his distance, but Hook doesn’t seem to mind the youngsters’ proximity.



5 responses

3 12 2010
Pat Amthor

Such sweet pictures!

4 12 2010

These are the relationships I like to share. 🙂

5 12 2010
Lynn Bauer and Kathy Pariso

Beautiful! I’m sooooo glad to see Duke with someone and the youngsters make this story perfect! The bond is there – how could anyone not see it and feel it?!
Thanks for these, among so many others!

5 12 2010

Me, too. I love seeing him with company, and I love that the boys are so comfortable with him. Maybe they seek him out every now and then … even while they stretch their own young wings in their wanderings. I’d like to think so!

5 12 2010
Lynn Bauer

Yep, in my heart, that’s exactly what they’re doing!

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