Magic, visible

3 12 2010

Chrome, in last light.

Sometimes, magic IS tangible!

I had been facing the other direction, watching as the horses came over a hill into the light from the shadows. When I turned around to follow their progress, here was ghostly grey Chrome, wrapped in that wistful golden light – thick enough to touch – our own magical moment. In just another moment, the light was gone, following the sun beyond the westerly ridge, around the Earth, again.

Enjoy the world’s beauty, all around you, not just in front of you or where you think you ought to be focused.



5 responses

4 12 2010
Barbara Warner

A magic moment indeed. Thank you ,and God bless our wild horses. Just got word 400″feral”horses have ben taken to Fallon in NV to be sold. They were even taken off of private property at the owners’ objections.

4 12 2010
Tami Lewis

What a beautiful photo and wonderful message. How lucky we are to have access to your experiences in this special place. Thank you.

4 12 2010

gorgeous! what a healthy looking horse with winter all around him.

i kind of like the knotted mane too.


4 12 2010

Knotted by nature. 🙂 I love to just sit with them and watch them in their world. Not the prettiest place, maybe, at first glance, but I find it one of the most beautiful in the world – their magic is addictive! Sorry to hear about the horses in Nevada … There must be more of a story there.

Tami – Hope all is going well with you and your horses – and L here in Colo.!

Iytha – Looks like you have plenty of snow, too – I’ve been following your progress on your barn/stall for Baasha. 🙂

10 12 2010
Rochlia [Tracy]

Beautiful…I love his wispy mane!

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