Green and grey

15 08 2010

And sorrel and bay and turning-grey.

Grey/Traveler’s band and Seven’s band were grazing/napping companionably close to each other when I saw them and walked out for a visit. My “goal” was Grey/Traveler’s band, and my path took me first toward Seven’s. Always a thrill to visit with these horses, as shy and wary as they are.

Daddy and Ze and Spring and mama. Spring had just nursed, and Roja had just turned to watch my angled approach – Grey/Traveler’s band was to the left.

Interestingly, I had nearly crossed their viewpoint on my way to the other band when Roja decided that as I was going away, it was now time for her to lead the way away as well. I think I’m growing on her. šŸ˜‰ Here, Seven and Ze are walking their long-strided walks to catch up to where she and Spring wait, just a bit to the right.

Every so often I get glimpses of horses that reveal their resemblance to other horses. Roja here – except her color, which she gave her daughter – is the spitting image of Molly. And look what a big, strapping boy Ze is. Good forage and less competition these last couple of years.

Hold this image of Seven in your minds … wait till you see Grey/Traveler.

They’re standing below the level of the foreground-ground, but I love the vision of them seeming to stand in grass up to their knees.

Now …

Tell me Seven is not related to Grey/Traveler.

Almost certainly his sire, don’t you think? Seven is chunkier. šŸ™‚

Daughter Terra

Daughter Gemma with mama Houdini

Grey’s girls: Terra, Gemma and Houdini

I adore this girl!

Napping at the edge of the road … Terra loves her baby sister.

Road to paradise: Lizard Mesa in the background

Three grey girls

Grey/Traveler with his girls – he does throw beautiful babies, doesn’t he?

With all his girls …

Terra sees a visitor, the one whose approach earlier caused Houdini to head toward the road before she decided to go back to grazing in the meadow. But this time, he came all the way down, and that was the end of my visit with Grey’s family and the beginning of a wonderful sighting of …


Doesn’t he just shine with vim and vigor??

Houdini was long gone by now, and he’s stopped to watch. Looks almost wistful, doesn’t he? His trend has been to seek company … then shun it again … then seek it … for reasons known only to him.

Loved-loved-loved seeing him … bittersweet to see him alone again. He was with Twister and Cinch the last time I saw him, as they were kind of hanging out with Hollywood’s band. Those youngsters – Twister and Cuatro now – could learn a lot from this elder statesman.

When I headed back toward the Jeep, he followed me at a distance … but then I lost him in the rolling folds, and I didn’t see him again this trip. Always happy to see my boy Duke. šŸ™‚



One response

15 08 2010
Lynn Bauer

Guess you know how DELIGHTED we are to see these great photos of Duke!! And we’re convinced (always have been) that Seven and Grey are directly related – they’re stunning!! Thanks so much, TJ – we appreciate this entry very, very much!
L & K

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