Glorious rain

23 07 2010

It rained. It poured.

The day turned dark. The lightning came in bolts.

The arroyos started running with the liquid of desert life.

The land carried water until it could swallow it all in.

Just as I was thinking “I wish horses were here to take advantage of THIS water running in THESE arroyos,” there was a black horse … and her foal …

I thought I was seeing things – my wish come true!

Sure enough, David – having already rolled in the wet, heavy, muddy goodness! – was very nearby his Shadow and their Wind.

I wish I could have kept sight of them in that sublime, post-storm light – as golden as it had been purple-dark earlier – but the trees … the hills … the washes … alive with water …

Advantage being taken.




5 responses

23 07 2010
Marilyn Wargo

Love your description, TJ… mar

23 07 2010

Wonderful relief for nature and the horses. Blessed rain!

23 07 2010
Rochlia [Tracy]

Go David, Shadow and Wind! :] Beautiful poetic blog TJ!

24 07 2010

Hooray!! Glad to see you got rain finally!

24 07 2010

I was at work when the rain-relief finally came to end our days of heat and dry … It was like going to the windows on the first snow day of winter – that little sprig of wonder and joy that erupts inside you at magical, wondrous nature. Truly an amazing planet on which we live.

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