On the way

19 07 2010

Chrome’s band were camouflaged among the rocks and trees on the flank of Filly Peak when the fire management officer and I arrived in the basin last week to check the status of the tree fire. We stopped quite a distance away to allow Jif to see us, recognize us, do what she was going to do. She had been very comfortable with visitors, but about a month or two ago now, that changed, and she’s quite concerned with vehicles …

They did run down the hill and gathered –  and stopped – right above the road. I had thought she’d take them at least out into the open – across the road – but just down from the confines of the rocks and trees and “nowhere to go,” she was perfectly content. When it was apparent they were going back to grazing and were calm and relaxed, on we drove, not even raising dust with the cautiousness of our forward-creep.

Respectful visitors get a view like this! Relaxed alpha-mom Jif and her big boy Hayden. Shot through the passenger window.

Cuatro greeting big-stepdaddy Chrome near little bro Rio and mama Two Boots. We got shade under what I think was the last big cloud of the day.

Chrome’s band? Misnomer. What I really mean to say is Jif’s band!

No disrespect, big guy. You’re a fabulous band stallion! 🙂

We saw a few other bands from a distance, but nobody else close until we got to this “exotic” band, just before we stopped to hike up to the tree:

Almost looks like they’re still shedding a bit, eh? As hot as it is! There were at least five pronghorn in this group, including a buck. I rarely see pronghorn antelope in the basin, and when I do, they’re almost always single, so this was a big group!

Always something of interest through the trees, around the bend, over the hill. Magic of discovery. 🙂



5 responses

20 07 2010
horse for sale

I like your pictures, especially the ones with the foals. That must be interesting for you, that you can go and visit them like that and that they’re relatively tolerant of visitors.

21 07 2010

I love Jif – she is such a beautiful color! She looks huge, like she might foal soon? 🙂

21 07 2010

If you visit with respect, you can have a remarkable visit with the horses. I love that about them.

Jif should foal in August or September. 🙂 Depending on when, we’ll know the sire of her foal because she switched stallions fairly soon after Hayden was born.

22 07 2010

They look great. The color contrast seems vibrant in these shots. I meant to tell you that I saw the “exotic Band” on the way in!

22 07 2010
Rochlia [Tracy]

I can see Cuatro’s look of submission toward’s Chrome on 2nd pic- what a cutie :]

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