Hippity hop

9 07 2010

While I was riveted by this big blooming beauty –

– pretty right? – it’s called “4 o’clock,” but I have no idea why because I’ve seen it blooming at all times – the twitch of an ear, perhaps, caused me to focus in on this, just in front of that:

Holy Jack, rabbit! Can you believe that eyeball?!

I was “just driving along when,” by the way, and I took these pix right out the Jeep window. I’m glad I saw Jack before I opened the door and scared him away! (Or is it Jacqueline?) S/he did finally streak away – long ears flat back along his/her body in a way that reminded me, oddly, of a racehorse – but wow. I just can’t get over that eyeball!

Not 10 minutes later, I was walking out to see a band when I saw Jack’s cousin – Peter:

Or is it Petra? 🙂 And yes, the hole is home. See the one right in front of him/her under/behind the greasewood roots/branches? That’s apparently the “front door.” It was in the side of a shallow arroyo. Not too worried about flash floods, I guess, eh?

It’s fun to see some of the basin’s smaller residents from time to time!



One response

10 07 2010

Lovely clarity on the photos.

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