Hollywood’s band

30 05 2010

Handsome Hollywood, pretty Piedra and nursing Tenaz

Now that her baby boy is a wee bit older, she’s more willing to show him off – and show off, he did! What a doll!

I went out and sat, and she grazed her way closer …

… and he stayed right at mama’s side at first … Look how big and beautiful he is.

Iya also came to see. Look how silvery she has turned as she sheds out. She’s 2 this year.

And Sagey-m’-boy. He has a bit of a boo-boo on his left hind cannon, but it looks like it’s healing just fine.

Baylee, 3 this year, and Iya. Interestingly, Baylee doesn’t appear to be pregnant, despite the fact that she’s been with Hollywood for more than a year now.

That Sage is a little love bug. (He’s pretty good-sized, by the way, but Iya is a pretty big girl. See in the previous pic how she’s almost as big as year-older Baylee. Sage is a yearling.)

But he usually has an ulterior motive!

Which is probably how he got his boo-boo!

They always forgive the little rascal. 🙂

And take a little revenge!

I was taking pix of Piedra and Tenaz when Sage walked into the frame – mama and her boys.

If I have *definitely* not figured one thing out (and there are many things I haven’t!), it’s why they eat what they eat. Here, Piedra is nibbling on saltbush or greasewood – I can’t quite tell from my pix because it’s not nearly as “leafed out” (do you call that stuff on greasewood “leaves”??) as the others in the area.

Now some pix of the happy little ham:

He’s a little past a month old now.

Maybe he’s going to be bay? I guess we’ll know for sure when his legs darken. I’d love to see Hollywood sire a dun foal, or grulla like I think his mama was. His mane is pretty dark, but you can see how light his tail is at the top before it darkens to black. Gideon is just about the same color. And Spring, too … though a little more obviously bay … a shade darker … not as “reddish”? (I’ve seen her several times but too far for pictures. Have not seen Wind and his family for a few weeks.)

Walking over to see what the “big babies” are looking at.

Still trying to manage those long-long legs!

Love this one … surrounded by family.

Bye for now, my lovelies!

We haven’t seen the last of Hollywood, who, when I saw him just a little bit later, seemed at least as surprised to see ME there as I was to see HIM there! Ha!



7 responses

30 05 2010
Janet Ferguson

Considering the “herbs” they are eating — don’t know my plants for your location; however, the artemesias are insect-repellers (some).

I wonder if the horses gain protection from bugs by eating certain of these oily plants. . .

30 05 2010

I don’t know, but judging by the tail swishing and stamping and – in some funny cases – the bucking out of the blue – I doubt it’s much. 🙂 Greasewood has weird little spiky green “leaves” – that look kind of rubbery. Four-wing saltbush has roundish/flattish grey-green leaves that come up in a “four-wing” formation. I don’t know how “oily” they are …? Bugs aren’t really out much yet – too cold and too windy! But the gnats usually get really bad in June, at least.

30 05 2010
Janet Ferguson

hmmmm — maybe she is carefully nibbling the flowers of the plant?

30 05 2010

Nope, no flowers on them. But I would say she’s being careful … both types of bushes (shrubs?) are prickly!

30 05 2010
Lynn Bauer

Love these pics!! Sage and Tenaz are special boys – their sire is quite something, isn’t he?! We love this family as much as we do each one of the others!!

31 05 2010

Looks like you had another wonderful visit with these beautiful horses! Nothing finer

31 05 2010
Barbara Warner

Thank you for more beautiful pictures of these treasures. I hope they are safe from BLM roundups.

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