Bounce’s and Chrome’s

14 05 2010

They weren’t close – in fact, they were miles away from each other – but this is a grouping of pix of these two bands because I didn’t post them earlier.

They’re looking up toward Grey/Traveler’s band and Steeldust’s band.

Alegre and Liberty. Liberty is small, but she’s doing well.

Love this beautiful girl … we have a bit of a wait till we see her baby, methinks …

Alegre and 2-year-old Gaia

And I know VC has been waiting for word about Chrome’s band … 🙂

Funny … only Hayden looking at me.

Cuatro and Two Boots … 2B doesn’t look all that close, either, does she? She’s “due” in a couple of days.

I could never get tired of seeing the horses just like this – and all it means in terms of their bonds with each other.

Nor like this! At home in a big little slice of country.

Jif. Don’t be fooled by her little belly – Hayden is only almost 8 months old.

VC, just for you – handsome Chrome, actually taking a break from grazing to look at me for a picture!

And one for the birder folks who so unfortunately got rained out Thursday when they were supposed to be able to see the horses during their tour:

How beautiful is this little wonder of nature?! Western tanager



7 responses

15 05 2010
Janet Ferguson

I just “borrowed” your Western Tanager for my Facebook Page — but I thanked you on Facebook for it!

15 05 2010
Lynn Bauer

For some unknown reason, we’ve only ever seen a yearly male at our pond/waterfall and poof, he’s gone. This year, we’ve have at leat five males and two females for a week now! They’re so beautiful but, eating us out of oranges and grape jelly! Tried some blackberries and blueberries too old to eat for us and they gobbled them up as well! Never seen such beautiful birds-especially staying for so long!!

16 05 2010

We have a lot more grosbeaks now – I think the first couple were just scouting. Haven’t seen any tanagers here at home and just rarely in the basin. I like seeing the kestrels out there. 🙂

18 05 2010
Rochlia [Tracy]

They are all beautiful- I love the pictures of Jif, Chrome, and Alegre!

26 05 2010
Victory Cowgirl

That’s my boy! So handsome! These pics are perfect examples of why Chrome isy favorite. Handsome, graceful, and magical beyond belief.

29 05 2010

He’s a handsome fellow, for sure!

29 05 2010

And speaking of magical … did you ever see this pic of him?:


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