Happy birthday, Cuatro!

16 05 2010

This little boy had a bit of a wobbly start on an auspicious day: the day of last year’s wild horse count by Four Corners Back Country Horsemen.

Because he was born on their big day (the count is an annual event – this year’s is coming up this weekend, and I think it’s year 12?!), I asked members to come up with a name for the brown colt with the four white legs and great big star. What they came up with was simple and perfect – simply perfect!

I’d had no idea then-2-year-old Two Boots was even pregnant. They were back in the east pocket, along with several other bands. When I first saw her, I mistook her for Alegre (there is a pretty striking resemblance …), but I couldn’t figure out how she had gotten to where she had so quickly. Then it hit me that it was NOT Alegre, that it was, in fact, Two Boots, and what the heck was that little bundle at her feet?!

Yearling Iya checks out the newcomer …

Baby Terra didn’t know WHAT to think of this tiny little creature!

And when he finally wobbled to his feet, he wasn’t at all sure which flank was the correct flank! (That’s Twister – maybe his daddy? – he’s searching.)

But he finally found mama, and all was well.

He looked so much stronger the next week, I knew he was going to make it.

And Two Boots, young as she was, obviously learned well from her own mama’s care that she has done just fine.

August …

He wasn’t above little brother pranks, either!

Or showing off …

Or racing like the wind!

Cuatro and Terra … Terra is Grey/Traveler’s and Houdini’s daughter. Cuatro is Houdini’s grandson.

He loved playing in the snow. 🙂

And he has been a most excellent and tolerant “big brother” to Hayden since they’ve been in Chrome’s band with their mothers!

Did you ever see two cuter, more completely innocent little boys in all your lives?!

Look how grey he’s getting around his face.

Happy birthday, striking boy! From a wobbly start, you’ve blossomed!



3 responses

16 05 2010
Lynn Bauer

These are two beautiful babies – LOVE the shots of them together – They seem so comfortable with each other! Sweet, really sweet! Thanks for posting these!!
We assume Gideon’s and Winona’s birthdays are somewhere between the 7th and the 10th, maybe??
L & K

18 05 2010

Yep, those are the images that tell their stories! 🙂 I’m going with May 8 and May 11.

26 05 2010
Victory Cowgirl

Wow. They grow up so fast. I think that Cuatro might grey out as he gets older. Maybe?

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