Roja and Spring

16 04 2010

Roja’s baby has a name: Spring, suggested by very long-time advocates of Spring Creek Basin mustangs. There’s karma in that, I think. πŸ™‚

Taken from the Jeep up on the roller-coaster ridge. Look at those little black fetlocks! Maybe baby will stay bay?

Walking up is Ze, Roja and Seven’s yearling son. I think he’ll turn grey.

Seven was hanging back, not worried; this is the mama and her babes.

From a distance on a different occasion, I got to see all three of them act like spring foals, galloping and kicking up their heels – even Roja (who never needs much of an excuse) – just for the joy of it!



4 responses

16 04 2010
Marilyn Wargo

Is Spring a good sized foal? Seems it… sweet family. mar

17 04 2010

Spring does seem to be a good-size foal. Roja is not very big – wide but not tall! – but, as you can see from Ze, she definitely seems to feed her foals well. Seven is pretty stout, but he’s not overly big, either.

17 04 2010
Lynn Bauer

Little one is very sweet! Would be neat if she stayed bay in color! We remember Ze as being all legs – boy, has he grown up! Roja will be a good Mom – they all are (will be)! Welcome to your world, Spring! If you need anything, you’ve got a great family to stand by you!
Good stuff, TJ!
Lynn and Kathy

19 04 2010

Indeed! It always surprises me how the brand-new mamas just know … Maybe it’s a result of being with their own mothers so long and seeing the new babies each year. Shadow was orphaned … but she was adopted by a band with a mature mare. They’re all important to the band dynamics. πŸ™‚

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