Struttin’ their stuff

15 04 2010

Wednesday, I found Bruiser, and he was alone. He did lead me – in a roundabout way – to the pinto band later in the day. But I sure wondered where the heck were Cinch and Twister …

Today, all was back to normal when he showed up again with Cinch and Twister not too long after a visit with Shadow and David and their baby. Friend TB also got to see the youngster, and we chatted long enough that the boys finally came down from a ridge – to the pond behind Round Top, or so we thought.

We waited out away from the pond so they could drink, but they really came strutting over to check out TB’s handsome palomino mustang!

Bruiser in the lead, Twister at right and Cinch at back left.

Bruiser and Twister. Twister is 3 this spring.

Bruiser at the “long trot”!

And flying!

He has grown over the past few months. He’s part of the “class of 2007” – roundup-year babies. Looks a lot like Cuatro … or vice versa …



And no display of strutting stallions would be complete without this, which looks dramatic but resulted in no injury to either party. 🙂

Cinch at left, Bruiser right

And the center of their attention?

This big handsome fellow is from White Mountain in Wyoming (which means, if I remember correctly, that he shares his home range with a certain also-handsome buckskin-pinto fellow). TB also has a mustang from the Twin Peaks area of CA/NV – a mustang advocate for sure!

It was certainly nice to see these elusive boys, and – even better – it was great to see them all together!

Also out on horseback today were herd area manager Bob Ball and a contingent of Forest Service/BLM folks, out to collect water samples from various sources within the basin – and enjoy the gorgeous day! I suppose they could call it “work,” but I hope they had a wonderful day and saw plenty of horses!



7 responses

16 04 2010

Great pictures TJ and yes, you remember correctly. El Mariachi is from White Mountain. 🙂

16 04 2010

Yay – the ol’ brain was workin’! I thought that was right, and I told TB, but “in the moment,” I couldn’t say for sure. TB adopted Sunny when he was 3 or 4, he said. He’s sure a big boy! And such a rich, beautiful gold – like your Gold! – where he’s shed out.

16 04 2010
Victory Cowgirl (Jumper)

Whew! Dirty ponies! They need a good grooming! Too bad they’re wild. They’re all so adorable (and the boyz are handsome, lol), I wanna just eat them up!

16 04 2010

Just think of it as the results of their “day at the spa.” 🙂 We had rain today … They just need a good rinse!

17 04 2010
Rochlia [Tracy]

Wow, they are so beautiful! [even when they’re dirty] I give Cinch the muddy award! :]

17 04 2010

Ha – no kidding! They certainly have a great presence to them!

20 04 2010
Lynn Bauer

They’re all stunning, whether muddy or fuzzy or shining so elegantly in the last hours of the fall sun!
L & K

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