20 10 2009

No, not aliens (is it my faulty memory, or has there already been a “Visitors” movie?). The weekend after I returned from Yellowstone, Joe and Kim of Boulder came down for a three-day visit of the wild horses of Spring Creek Basin.

It was great to meet them, but I wish the weather had provided a better introduction to the herd area and horses. Rain threatened but held off long enough for quick drive into the basin and brief orientation. If you haven’t yet figured out my extreme caution in the face of rain in the basin, I think Kim and Joe will attest to it!

Right at the entrance, Grey/Traveler’s band and Chrome found us, with Kreacher and Mona just to the east. An impressive welcome! Steeldust’s mountain goats, err, horses, were up on the very top of one of the “twin buttes” northeast-ish of the entrance.

When the first wave of rain came rolling up from the southwest, we headed out to the safety of the Disappointment Road … where we met up with Lynn and Kathy, who were also out to see the gang! The waves of rain proved to be short-lived, so L&K went on into the basin to see the horses at the entrance at least, and J&K and I went down to see David and Shadow, who L&K confirmed were still by the road.

While we were watching D&S, the pinto band came down for a very quick trip to the seep. We talked about hiking in to get a better look at them, but almost as soon as they came down for a drink, they headed back up again. L&K had joined us by that time and got to see the pintos as well.

Then another wave was coming, and it was damp and chill. J&K still had a couple of days to wait out the rain and explore the basin and meet the horses, but L&K and I eventually decided to head back to civilization.

J&K camped outside the herd area that night because of the weather, and they had the extreme good fortune of spotting Seven’s band up on a ridge from the road! Here are some wonderful pictures Joe took of the horses.


Magnificent Seven


Fat little Roja and her big boy, Ze


Ol’ Molly-girl, hanging in there with her baby girl, Liberty



Didn’t Joe take some great photos?

(As an aside, can you see the resemblance to Grey/Traveler??)

J&K, wonderful to meet you and hope you’ll return in better weather! L&K – always enjoy your visits, especially when it wasn’t and won’t be the last!! šŸ™‚



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