Stop, time

19 10 2009

If anyone has a device to stop time or put more hours in a day, I could sure use it.

There have been some changes in the herd, and as it’s taking me so long to process photos, this will be a words-only post.

Only one change is worrisome: All three introduced mares (and baby Corona) are back with Kreacher, and Duke is alone – and hurt (left hind). I’ve seen pictures and a video clip of him, but I haven’t seen him for myself since I got the report from two of the herd’s biggest fans, Lynn and Kathy from New Mexico. Hard to judge the extent of his injury, but I have great hopes that he will heal and be just fine.

Chrome has finally had success after dogging Grey/Traveler’s band for a couple of months: He has Jif and her baby, christened Hayden as a nod to him being born while I was in Yellowstone, and Iya wandered over while I was there Saturday, so we’ll see whether that lasts. I think the “acquisition” happened last weekend, and the horses seem to be staying near each other, for the time being, at least. The horses themselves seemed perfectly fine with the new arrangement – very calm and relaxed.

There is one – singular – horse that qualifies as bony: 20+-year-old Molly. The old girl is definitely skinny. Her 4.5-month old filly, Liberty, looks great, though, as do Seven, Roja (who is the absolute, extreme opposite of bony!) and Ze.

Aspen, Hook and Twister alternate between hanging out by themselves and latching onto Steeldust’s band. Twister can most often be seen very close to Hook.

Cinch and Bruiser have been most often in the north and were seen Saturday drinking from the Flat Top pond, which held water after that big rain right before I left on vacation but is already drying from the edges.

Poco and Roach went back “home” and are not with Hollywood’s band right now, and Hollywood’s have been roaming all over the basin – including in Poco and Roach’s home territory. They all look great.

Bounce is keeping a low profile, and his lovelies all look lovely.

David and Shadow and the pintos seem to be staying close to the one reliable water source I know of in the south – which, by them hanging out in that location so consistently is what makes me think it’s their best/most reliable water source.

Steeldust’s big band still includes bachelors Mouse and Comanche and the young stallions Butch and Sundance. The interesting thing in this band is that one-year-and-almost-3-month-old Storm is still nursing from still-tolerant Alpha!

Everybody – except the aforementioned Molly-girl – looks very healthy!

We could use some more rain (I suspect I could type that phrase as part of every post). The reclaimed “road” to Wildcat Spring is now even better protected with a line of boulders. There’s a new sign up telling people to stay on designated routes. Thanks to D and B, K and R  of the National Mustang Association, Forest Service, San Juan Mountains Association and Bureau of Land Management for completing these projects.

Someday soon, I’ll get some more pix posted of my fabulous beauties!



3 responses

20 10 2009
Lynn Bauer

TJ –
Just wanted to thank you for your time, yet again! Our visit to the Basin earlier this month was very, very special, as they all are! With the exception of Duke’s injury, everyone we saw looked great! Got to see every band, and got some great photos! Every nursing mama and her foal looked just super! We always worry about the pond conditions there, so it was good to see that everyone was doing so well!
Molly, of course, doesn’t look like a mare in her prime, but then, she’s “as old as Methselah” and has a nursing foal to boot! It’ll be interesting to see what happens with Kreacher and Chrome and their “new” family members… Looking forward to our next visit!! It’s a very special place! Thanks again for introducing us to it!!
Lynn and Kathy, M & M

20 10 2009

The ponies do look fabulous, don’t they? I’m glad you all got to spend some serious quality time with the horses on this recent trip – and thankful for the report about Duke! I’ll keep looking for him.
Always changes with our mighty mustangs and their family dynamics … it’s the fascination and wonder that keeps me going back. 🙂

20 10 2009
Lynn Bauer


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