Pryor thoughts

30 08 2009

Lots of controversy surrounds the Pryor Mountain gather set to begin soon, but I would urge you to visit the Pryor Wild blog – – and click on the link to Matt’s thoughts in the current first post. He might spend more time on that range than anyone, and as director of the Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center, it’s his job to spend a lot of time thinking about those horses and their long-term health and well-being.

This statement particularly caught my attention: “Why not work with the BLM when such a relationship is for the benefit of the PMWHR and the herd?”

Why not, indeed? Our Disappointment Wild Bunch Partners group here is trying to do just that, and while the wheels of government turn slowly (enough to frustrate a saint), I think we’re starting to see the benefits of our partnership with the BLM … for the benefit of the – our – herd. I do hope to have a post up soon about last weekend’s visit by Dan Elkins and Karen Herman from New Mexico, who came to visit the herd area for a hopeful contract gather in the future. Dan does the gentle, humane, very successful type of gathering and removing wild horses called bait trapping, and we’re very excited to know him and Karen and encourage a partnership with them and BLM in Spring Creek Basin in the future.

In the meantime, please do read Matt’s thoughts on the Pryor herd.



2 responses

3 09 2009

May the Great Creator of ALL look over you and yours in these upcoming days of trauma; Cloud, be brave, be wise (as always), be strong, and know that We Love You and everyOne of your Family and your Herd. There are Miracles…Cloud, YOU are a miracle…an ambassador…for 2 species, maybe more!
May it be that the Creator will deliver a very Special Miracle this week to the Pryor Mountain Horse Herd. for You are All Priceless! …Pay my respects to the Honorable Spirit of strong, brave SHAMAN; at least He did NOT have to leave His mountain! (.or…Perhaps He has gone on ahead, to plead your case, and smooth your way?)
{I think Cloud MUST know that SO many thoughts & wishes are Locked-Onto his heart, don’t you? He would HAVE to feel it– maybe they All do?!} & maybe good ole SHAMAN does, too!
I am SO SORRY that We could not do more…

4 09 2009

So am I …

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