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31 08 2009

Big-belly girl

No ETA on Jif. Surely that belly is hiding more than an overabundance of high-quality forage?? This photo was taken last weekend, but there has been no change … and yes, Chrome, seen behind her, is still with the band.

Think all out-of-season births are caused by PZP? It would almost be nice if the explanation here was that easy. 🙂



4 responses

31 08 2009

She is just waiting to have it on my birthday!! LOL They always look so miserable at this stage. Hope she has it soon!!

31 08 2009
Lea Williams

OH my, what a belly. Soon I hope.

31 08 2009

Ha, Billie; I was hoping she’d have her foal on MY birthday! 🙂 She was definitely telling Chrome “don’t even think about it, buddy,” and poor Chrome was left just watching her walk on by.
Lea – I hope soon, too!

1 09 2009
Lynn Bauer

Geez, what a BIG belly! Sure hope little one arrives soon and I bet Jif does too!!
L & K

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