A day under the sun

9 08 2009

This might be the shortest basin-visit report ever – only two pix! – but it was nice. Hardly a cloud in the sky and the thermometer didn’t rise above 82 degrees! Yep, it’s August, and I don’t care what the weatherman says; the monsoons are NOT here.

Here’s the spoiler you’re waiting for: Mistress Jif has not shared her firstborn yet with the world … but she is looking a bit more “droopy”! Chrome was back with the band – and Aspen out of sight (and Hook and Twister, too) – but they were calmer … but still moving all over the basin. The good news is that when I finally headed out and away, they were in the immediate vicinity of the water catchment. I didn’t actually see them drinking there, but it’s a hopeful sign. Cinch and Bruiser also were very close, having come down from the northwest hills; I’m certain they’ve found the fresh water.

Kreacher and the girls, so visible in that area in recent visits, had wandered away, but I have it on good authority that they’ve been over to Wildcat, near which I found Steeldust’s band today, napping under the trees.

Seven and his family made another appearance today! But they were right by the road down by Lizard Mesa, so I stopped where they could see me but not too close, took the day’s only photos and then just watched them.

Sevens family

Sevens family

Sweet Molly-girl is a bit thin, but little Liberty looks pretty good, if not as stout as Starla last year, and look how big little Mr. Ze is! He’s the oldest of this year’s babies (April 6).

And look who was nearby:

Walk on by

Walk on by

In the background, Alegre at left, Whisper lying down in the middle, Bounce and Gaia at right. In the foreground, Seven following Liberty and Molly; Roja and Ze were leading the way, already out of the frame. That’s what I call Lizard Mesa as the hill in the background.

Whisper was under a tree behind Alegre when I first saw them. Seven’s band had to walk to the left to cross the arroyo, then Roja led them back across in front of Bounce’s band. In the meantime, Whisper sauntered out and laid down!

Hollywood and his band and hangers-on Poco and Roach were hanging out on the northwest hills, lower than Steeldust’s band last weekend. Poco and Roach were attentively guarding the family from Cinch and Bruiser earlier in the day. They had moved up to the area between the boundary and the road to the old trap site by the time I headed home.

I had a great hike around the west side of Round Top and out to the ridge and down and up the hill looking down a drainage below the dry pond … and guess who I saw down at the seep near the road? Mr. David. I didn’t see Shadow in the trees, but David walked a few steps down the trail, pooped on the stud pile there (I know it’s there, I couldn’t actually see it so far away!), then turned around and cocked a hip! He turned his head a couple of times to look at something I couldn’t see, and it was strange that he picked the stud pile tree to hang out under. I’m sure Shadow was nearby. I glassed the hill where I found the pintos last weekend, but they weren’t there. (I had a flat tire last weekend on my drive to the basin – many thanks to mustang advocate and all-around great guy David Temple for stopping a couple of minutes after I had my flat! But I’m waiting on a new set and driving on the spare and thought pavement might be a better choice for this weekend’s trip, so I didn’t have the chance to look for the pintos – or David and Shadow again – on my drive there or home. David T is one of David’s namers, by the way. 🙂 David O and David J are the other two contributors, and now you know the rest of the story!)

It was a beautiful day for a visit with the ponies!



2 responses

17 08 2009
Jo Arnspiger

TJ, this is Jo Arnspiger. We are on the road and I don’t have email functionality. HOwever, I hope you get this. We are not going to be able to make our rendevous with you on Friday. As it turns out it would be an awful lot of additional driving on the day before we have to head home which will also entail a lot of driving. I will also try to call you and leave a message. I think I can receive email but I am on my laptop and don’t have your email address with me. I hope that sometime in the future I can get out this way and see your beautiful horses. Otherwise I will just enjoy your great blog and pictures.
Thanks, Jo Arnspiger

17 08 2009

Not a problem at all. I understand the limits of a lot of driving, as I just had family here from out of state (two different states!). I hope you have an otherwise wonderful trip, and I hope to meet you in the future to show you our wild beauties! (I did also get your message on my cell phone.)

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