Music review

31 01 2009

Breaking with tradition (I’m sick and moping for horse contact), I’m going to pass on a recommendation for a horse-loving musician you may not have heard of: Templeton Thompson. “Girls & Horses” is the title song of her album of the same name. I first learned about Templeton from the photos of Texas photographer Candace Craw-Goldman, but I never could find any of her CDs in any store. Finally I broke down and ordered this CD from the Web last fall (call me old fashioned, but I just haven’t gotten into the downloading-music-from-the-Internet craze). Now it’s one of my favorite CDs.

Find her Web site at

And yes, there’s a hint of mustang love to her as well … read down on her journal page.

Beautiful weather out there … too beautiful to be cooped up inside sick. But the snow is melting into mud again, so there may not be an update on our Spring Creek ponies until next weekend – supposed to be good weather all next week. Till then, imagine them fat and fuzzy and wild!



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