National Geographic article

30 01 2009

Our Spring Creek Basin Herd Management Area BLM manager sent a link to this article last week, but I have to say I was originally put off by the unfortunate (in my opinion) tagline: “The crowded West has little room for wild horses.” As opposed to what, cattle and oil wells and McMansions, I thought?! But I picked up a February issue at the newsstand (which I do every month; I ought to just plunk down my money for a subscription) and read the article … and was pleasantly surprised. After I read the article, I understood the tagline; it refers to what the horses are competing against – and it’s not just cattle and oil barons but attitudes, too.

Here’s the link to the online article:

I encourage everyone to read it – online, or pick up your own copy. I’d be interested to know what others think of the article. Even as close to the issue as I am, it seemed pretty balanced, but I do admit my obvious bias!



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