Mother and daughter

17 08 2019


This pretty sabino mare and her lovely filly are with a stunning dark-grey stallion on Green Mountain.

By the time I’ve shown a number of photos of these gorgeous ponies, I’ll have run out of adjectives!



5 responses

17 08 2019

Haha! They are all that, TJ!
This sweet little family never seems to wander off from this meadow. Their almost private refuge.
Lovely image.

17 08 2019

Lovely ladies!! Thanks TJ for visiting Wyoming and sharing!!

17 08 2019
Sue Story

Thanks for showing us these Wyoming beauties, TJ. No matter what place wild horses call home, they are all the same – absolutely beautiful.

17 08 2019
Karen Schmiede

Just beautiful!

18 08 2019

These guys look incredibly healthy. I hope they stay that way and safe.

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