Fly away free

14 08 2018

Birds in Spring Creek Basin

Not much escape from the smoke these days.



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14 08 2018

Need rain !

14 08 2018


14 08 2018
Carla Hawks

What will come of all the beautiful creatures. The warming trends stress me out. The smoke is terrible here too from the Ferguson fire near Yosemite and Holy fire in LA.
Fresno, CA

14 08 2018

Reading about the fires in California is devastating. 😦 What a horrible feeling of helplessness. Be safe.

14 08 2018
Sue Story

Looking at those birds on the wing makes me wish I could “fly away” to places with clear skies and rain and green things! 🙂 But just like those wonderful mustangs, we carry on… and look forward to winter!

14 08 2018

Indeed! Last night, we watched the stars appear as the smoke settled. It got cool, though the smoky smell didn’t go away. Fall is around the corner … and hopefully those crisp days we all love!

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