Strawberry Moon of June

28 06 2018

Strawberry Moon

This month’s full moon is the Strawberry Moon.

Strawberry Moon

The heat was pretty intense yesterday (and today is supposed to be worse?). It varied between 100 … 97 … 108 … And those were just when I was looking.

We’d be grateful for some clouds. … 🙂



6 responses

28 06 2018

Must have been beautiful in the Basin on an event filled day.

28 06 2018

Yes. 🙂

28 06 2018
Maggie Frazier

next few days are supposed to be very hot here too. But we had a really loud thunderstorm last night & early this am. Very wet at the moment but the rain didnt make it cool – its warm & muggy this am.
I sure do wish you could get some of this rain.

28 06 2018

I wish so, too. Thanks for thinking of us! We need all the good thoughts we can get these days. … Keep praying that our monsoon season actually comes this year!

28 06 2018
Sue Story

Over 100o here too yesterday! Nothing like all that smoke to make the strawberry moon more…well, “strawberry!”

28 06 2018

Yeah … the smoke from the fire got nuclear-huge again today. 😦 Looks bad over your way.

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