Large, dark and hunky

4 05 2018


Did I mention handsome?

This hunky boy captains a large band in Green Mountain Herd Management Area, southwest of Casper, Wyo.

Big shout of thanks to Chad and Lynn Hanson – Prairie Girl – for dinner and directions to Green Mountain and Stewart Creek HMAs. Lynn has been following the blog for years, and finally we made plans come together to get together in Wyoming. Hopefully, she and Chad will pull off a visit to Disappointment Valley very soon (now you HAVE to come! :)).


Wowza, right?



5 responses

4 05 2018

Glad you had a good trip! What a handsome horse!

4 05 2018

Wowza, indeed!!

4 05 2018
Karen Schmiede

Wowza is eight! He sure is a hunk!

4 05 2018
Prairie girl

YES indeed he is one stunning dark knight of GM! Your photos of him are superb. Chad recognizes him…I’ve not met him before. 😉
Oh, isn’t that prairie a dream? All the good things are there, like those friendly Lopers you encountered. Up top, elk and horses graze side by side.
We’ll go up to the forest next time you come.
Finally, finally I got to meet face to face with the one and only TJ…my admiration of you just reached a new level. Thanks for gracing our home with your spirit, energy, knowledge and friendship.
See you soon! 😉

5 05 2018

Thank YOU and Chad for a wonderful evening full of mustangs and conversation and laughter! I’m very happy to have finally met you both. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to show off our Spring Creek Basin mustangs to you soon! 🙂

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