Horns of the coolest kind

21 07 2017

Horny toad

Aren’t these little dragons the coolest?? They always look so grumpy, which is hard to understand, given the awesomeness where they live!



5 responses

21 07 2017
Prairie girl

Ha! They’re just trying to say “Don’t step on me! I know I look just like the land!”
Your summer looks like it’s been treating you good, TJ!

21 07 2017

Ha – true! It’s always a good summer spent in wide-open spaces with mustangs! 🙂 And now we’re starting to get big clouds and some drizzly rain, so yes, starting to treat us awesome! 🙂 Hope you’re also doing great and getting out to see your mustangs!!

21 07 2017
Maggie Frazier

So glad you are getting moisture this summer – back here (NYS) its been super wet – farmers late getting hay in, etc. Wish we were able to send some of that out to the west!

21 07 2017

My uncle in Ohio often has the same problem with wet fields. We wish we could divert some heavy rains (especially in areas that experience bad flooding) … but I like to think good wishes help, too. 🙂

21 07 2017

Look how they blend in with the land! Yes, I like these wild beasts.

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