Finally, wet stuff

12 07 2017


In the illustration above, you can see heavy rain directly smack dab right on top of Spring Creek Basin. The long yellow-red blob in the middle of the screen covers the far eastern part of the basin (and more). 🙂

This is the first honest-to-goodness RAIN in 53 days.

It was pretty awesome. 🙂 It’s a huge relief.




5 responses

12 07 2017

Yeah, rain!

12 07 2017
Sue Story

This is the BEST news, TJ! I’m just so glad you got good rain out there…finally. An answer to prayers for sure!

12 07 2017
Karen Schmiede

Glad you finally got some rain!

12 07 2017

Oh I loved seeing this post! I am so happy.

12 07 2017

Isn’t it awesome??? And the BLM guys and I got chased out of the basin again today because of RAIN! Not a bad way to have to leave. 🙂 (We did a couple more land-health assessments before the rain found us. Pix to come.) Love, love, love the moisture! I swear it’s already greener. 🙂 Maybe some of our ponds will fill up! Definitely, this was good for our catchments.

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