‘Mustang Tales’

24 07 2016

It may not be the tale she wanted to tell, but Kat Wilder’s latest “Mustang Tales,” written exclusively for American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign, tells a tale that mustang adopters should read.





4 responses

24 07 2016
Prairie girl

Thanks for sharing Kat’s story. Such valuable information for mustang owners, for sure! Scary stuff…I was really rooting for Maka!
So, SO cool you were at one of Buck’s clinics! OMG I love that man and his story.
Amazing things go on at those colt starting clinics. Yay for Maui and little Porter! Those gentle Cowboys…they’ve got the touch.
I came very close to attending one of his clinics, as a spectator, in Sheridan a few weeks ago. But, never did end up going. ;(

24 07 2016

Maka seems to have recovered. (Maybe Kat will see this post and also comment.) We have heard many stories of many other mustangs having similar or worse reactions. About Buck … if you ever have the chance to go to one of his clinics, especially so close as Sheridan! Go! You will not regret it … in fact, it will leave you wanting more. He truly does dance with horses, and it’s a thing of beauty to observe his grace and kindness with horses. He has made it cool for cowboys to cuddle with their horses! 🙂

24 07 2016

Good for you, Kat!
Sweet big Maka!

25 07 2016
Sue Story

Loved Kat’s story of rescued mustangs, gentle hands that coax and train, happy endings, and lessons learned. As always, TJ, your wonderful photos added the perfect visual. I am grateful for all of you, including “Buck” and his “cowboys.”

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