16 01 2016

Cassidy Rain

Oh, that rich dark velvety Cassidy Rain. So very pretty against the snow and the canyon’s golden rocks.


WordPress has changed things again. Is it possible the pix are large again?




8 responses

16 01 2016

What a fabulous contrast of color and texture!

16 01 2016
Alice Billings

Great photo I love this girl.

16 01 2016
Karen Schmiede

Wow! What a great pic. I just love it.

16 01 2016
Lin Kerns

Pix are same size, but clicking on the image doesn’t take you to a different page. Still, this image deserves to be huge, as this is one gorgeous horse. 🙂

16 01 2016
Kathryn Wilder

Yay–the pic came to my computer LARGE!!! Far out! I’ll have to see if my blog is also improved. Lovely to see this pretty girl again :-).

16 01 2016
Prairie girl

Yep. The pic is appropriately larger. Slick.
I love a puff. 😉

16 01 2016
Sue Story

I love this pic, on my computer BIG and beautiful! Is this unusual TJ? Anyway, I love it, and love gorgeous Cassidy Rain, a chocolate fuzz ball framed by those wonderful canyon cliffs.

16 01 2016

Excellent! WordPress changed its editing format again, which apparently allows the photo to come through large again – yay! The ponies DO deserve to be seen large in all their beauty!

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