‘Keep the Wild Horses Wild’

13 09 2015


Passing on good works: Mustang photographers and advocates Lynn Hanson and Carol Walker will present a film night featuring “American Mustang” at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 16, at the Natrona County Public Library in Casper, Wyo.

From the library’s website about the event:

“The Natrona County Public Library and Casper College will host Colorado Author and Wild Horse Photographer Carol Walker as well as feature a screening of the documentary ‘American Mustang’ on Wednesday, September 16 at 6:30 p.m. in the Crawford Room. The event is free and open to the public. The goal of the evening is to raise awareness and to promote a deeper understanding of the troubles currently facing wild horses in America.

“The evening will begin with a screening of “American Mustang,” a nature documentary with character-driven narrative. Shot in eight Western states, ‘American Mustang’ reveals the majestic wild horses of the American West by taking audiences on a journey through a landscape dotted by ranchers, wild horse advocates, government agencies and the public. The evening will conclude with a question and answer forum led by Carol Walker. Walker will address many of the controversies highlighted in ‘American Mustang.’ She will also discuss how wild horses are in danger of being displaced from the range by agricultural and energy interests. Copies of Walker’s book, ‘Wild Hoofbeats: America’s Vanishing Wild Horses,’ will be available for purchase, which she will sign following her talk.

“In collaboration with the event, local Wild Horse Photographers Chad and Lynn Hanson’s exhibition ‘Landscapes with Wild Horses,’ featuring years of exploration and iconic photography, opens Saturday, August 22 in the Library’s atrium. Showcasing the beauty of Central Wyoming’s wild horses at liberty, the exhibition consists of photographic images and statistics that transport visitors to a fragile slice of land where hundreds of wild horses make their home. ‘Landscapes with Wild Horses’ runs through Wednesday, September 30 and can be viewed by the public during regular library hours.”

If you’re in Wyoming, please plan to attend in order to encourage and support these advocates and their work to educate the public about mustangs!




5 responses

13 09 2015

I wish I was in Casper! I would go to this event.

13 09 2015

Me, too!

13 09 2015
Karen Schmiede

Wish I lived closer. I would attend.

14 09 2015

“She will also discuss how wild horses are in danger of being displaced from the range by agricultural and energy interests.”

I hope the presentation also shares the realities of over-population of wild/feral horses in the West, which results in starved and malnourished animals, as well as destruction of habitat for other wild (and yes, agricultural) animals.

Like many issues, the “wild horse” in the West has many layers of complexity – love and passion for the animals doesn’t necessarily mean letting them all roam free and uncontrolled is best for them (or other interests).

14 09 2015

Thanks for getting to the heart of the matter – which is education! Despite BLM’s apparent efforts to keep the public in the dark about PZP – which was innovative in its approach to fertility control 30-some years ago – more and more people are educating themselves about this management tool. With cattle and sheep far outnumbering wild horses on public lands, it’s not so much a problem of “overpopulation” as it is an issue of limiting – NOT stopping – reproduction to actually “maintain a thriving ecological balance” for all interests. You’re right that there are many layers of complexity to this topic; fortunately, there are solutions, and people are getting the word out! 🙂

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