3 06 2015

The full moon rises beyond Temple Butte, Spring Creek Basin.

The full moon rises over Spring Creek Basin beyond Temple Butte.

A perfectly beautiful ending to a perfectly beautiful day and visit with peaceful ponies.




8 responses

3 06 2015

That is beautiful!

4 06 2015

That’s a familiar skyline to you, too!

3 06 2015
George W Doerre

Once again you have found something beautiful,
and once again, you have shared that beauty
with us. Thank you TJ………….gwd

4 06 2015

Thank you, George, for appreciating that shared beauty! It’s all around us, and endlessly fascinating!

3 06 2015

Wow, what a gorgeous photo!

4 06 2015

It was amazing to watch it rise above the familiar Spring Creek Basin horizon. It would have been super cool to have horses in the foreground, but it already was pretty dark!

4 06 2015
aunt dolly

Looks like you could almost touch it.

4 06 2015

Aunt Dolly! So great to get your comment. 🙂 Hope you’re well! I think about you often!

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