BLM to round up West Douglas and Piceance-East Douglas mustangs

12 02 2015

BLM is planning roundups in West Douglas Herd Area and Piceance-East Douglas Herd Management Area, both in northwestern Colorado.

BLM gave just a two-week comment period about these proposed roundups, and the deadline is Saturday – Valentine’s Day.

Read information from the Cloud Foundation – – and American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign – – for more information and to send comment letters.

BLM info:

BLM scoping notice:




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12 02 2015

TJ, Piceance had a roundup 4? 5? years ago. Weren’t mares treated with PZP then, or no? Is there a group who monitors the Piceance herds?

12 02 2015

Your question might be better answered by someone from the Cloud Foundation or by Dona Hilkey, who follows and documents the Piceance-East Douglas (and West Douglas?) mustangs. She may be trying to get a group started? Find her on Facebook.

BLM seems to mostly ignore the Piceance-East Douglas and West Douglas herds (except when it comes to roundups). It has been trying to zero out the West Douglas herd since before I started this journey almost eight years ago. Less than a month into my advocacy, I was walking out of a canyon in Little Book Cliffs with a group of people, and a BLM person told me that BLM was trying to zero out West Douglas because – get this – it was “too geographically difficult” to manage wild horses there. Being so new to the issue, I kept my mouth shut, but this is what I was thinking: “Um, are we looking at the same terrain? How could it be more *geographically difficult* than this?!”

Piceance-East Douglas and West Douglas are gorgeous, wonderful wild horse ranges, but – oh, right – there’s all that oil-and-gas activity. And we know from firsthand experience that ranchers want the horses out so more cattle can go in. I guess it’s not “too geographically difficult” to run domestic cattle in those areas? Hmm.

13 02 2015
Prairie girl

TJ, thank you for that response. You always have a way of explaining things in a language I can understand. 😉
I looked at the HMA map to see where these horses live. Are they near the Sand Wash Basin mustangs?

13 02 2015

Yes, they’re just southish of Sand Wash Basin, westish-southwestish of the town of Meeker. Piceance-East Douglas Herd Management Area is even bigger than Sand Wash Basin – around 190,000 acres, if memory serves. The horses are just gorgeous!

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