Little Book Cliffs darting team earns kudos

3 02 2015

And rightly so!

The Daily Sentinel in Grand Junction did a story about BLM’s team of volunteer PZP darters and the benefits they (and PZP) bring to the mustangs of Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Range: “Wild-horse control; dart shooters help manage fertility of herd in canyons behind Bookcliffs.”

The overall article is about the benefits of and process behind using PZP to manage a wild horse herd. This nugget is a little bit buried, but check it out: “The result [of the PZP program] has been a smaller, more manageable herd, longer lives for mares and, this year, recognition by the head of the Colorado office of the BLM of the team as its volunteer of the year. The award, which was presented on Thursday by Ruth Welch, the BLM state director, means the team is a nominee for the agency’s national award for volunteerism.”

Marty Felix and Billie Hutchings are among my original inspirations. This award could go to no better team and for no better reason. Ditto the national award for which they’re now nominated.

Best of luck! I’m going to speak right up for Colorado mustang advocates and say we’re behind ya’ll!

Drummer and Kestrel, stallion and mare in Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Range.



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3 02 2015


3 02 2015
Lynn and Kathy

Read the article! Kudos to everyone involved!

3 02 2015
Kathryn Wilder

This is fantastic news! Honoring these dedicated volunteers–and highlighting the successes of PZP–is an excellent way to start this new season of PZP application. It’s so wonderful that this team was honored not only by the local BLM office, but by the state office–way to go, women! And JD, too! Thank you all for your hard work for these great horses!!!

3 02 2015
Kathryn Wilder

Congratulations to the rest of the male component of the team, too!

3 02 2015

Thanks amd for sure, we stand beside them and you!

4 02 2015

Thanks to All of the PZP darters!
(The one in Spring Creek Basin too.)

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