15 05 2014

Corazon and Reya

Corazon and Reya were close to Seven’s band. Copper has stopped following Corazon’s band and now is sticking with Seven’s. How quickly alliances (or interests) change.



13 05 2014

Chrome and Winona

Chrome and Winona on a particularly windy day, of which there have been many this spring.

We did get drizzly rain this weekend. It seems to have boosted the green blush of the valley.

Happy Mother’s Day – really

11 05 2014

Claret cup cactus

May you find beauty even in small places.

What’cha see?

8 05 2014

Skywalker looking at Duke in the distance.

Something catches the attention of young Jedi Skywalker on his home planet of Spring Creek Basin.

Skywalker looking at Duke in the distance.

What’s not visible in this wonderful view is Duke, grazing his way through sage and saltbush, finding the green grass of spring. And it’s there, despite the warm, windy weather that leaches the moisture from the air and from the ground.

Boys, brothers, friends

6 05 2014

Apollo, Skywalker and Killian

Skywalker left David somewhere along the way and now is hanging with Apollo and Killian. He’s 2, and they’re 3, and they seem to be having a grand time together.

Happy Mother’s Day

4 05 2014

Kwana, Jadi and Winona

Beautiful day to all the mothers (and/or soon-to-be) of the world. You love and inspire, and you’re loved and inspiring!

OK, a week early. 🙂