Happy Mother’s Day – really

11 05 2014

Claret cup cactus

May you find beauty even in small places.



7 responses

11 05 2014
Prairie girl

That’s beautiful, TJ.
Even without a mustang! 😉

11 05 2014

Gorgeous!!! Claret cup?

11 05 2014

Yes. They’re finally starting to bloom all over the basin. They make me think of spring in Spring Creek Basin. 🙂

11 05 2014

Such color! I hope they are there when I get there! Cant wait but have to work first!!

12 05 2014

Just a few more days!

12 05 2014

A very beautiful photo Will miss seeing you at count this weekend. Did you get the last set of Asher pics? In class and making a house call

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12 05 2014

Yes! Such a social mister. 🙂 Sounds like he’s doing well with his new training! We’ll miss seeing you and Vern, too! Maybe next year?

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