The creep of sunset

20 03 2014

Puzzle and Seven

Sunset here. Sunshine lingering there.

Two beauties in the shadows against the light. Mr. Seven and Miss Puzzle.

Just as big

19 03 2014

Cassidy Rain and Gaia

Cassidy Rain and Gaia are shaggy and shiny in their early-spring coats.

It won’t be long before they’re all sleek and short-coated again. The days are warm and long – and dry.


17 03 2014


It’s a good thing calendars mean nothing to wild horses. There’s no denying that spring has sprung, and the wild ones know it.

Warm temps equal shedding coats, and they’re well into that season. Apollo found an old fence post from an old sheep corral to be especially helpful in scratching what itched: neck, chest, shoulders, rump. An all-purpose post.

In celebration of St. Paddy’s Day, be thankful for the sprouts of green knifing through the dry soil in search of sunlight and warmth. Rain eludes us in the forecast, but as ever, we’re optimistic.

Moon over Hayden

15 03 2014

Hayden under the nearly full moon rising over Spring Creek Basin.

It’s so hard to get used to these longer days. Some of you are jonesing for spring; we’re wondering what happened to winter.

Can’t really complain about gorgeous days in the company of wild ones, though. Ponds are full, and green grass is sprouting under the sage and saltbush. Still, we wouldn’t say no to a bit of a blizzard or a glorious drenching of rain (ever).

This beautiful red boy is in the bloom of health, isn’t he? The only thing that really got his attention during our visit was the surprise (to me only, I’m sure) visit from Duke and Kreacher.


14 03 2014


My focus was otherwise occupied when it caught and snagged on something low to the ground.

I was on top of a ridge; he was over the edge.

Bounce popped into my view and became YOUR morning view. 🙂


12 03 2014

Kreacher and Duke

What are they thinking, watching us watch them? Besties Kreacher and Duke are never far apart.

Beauty secrets

11 03 2014

Puzzle and Tesora

Tesora might be asking Puzzle where she had her lovely spa treatment. 🙂


8 03 2014


What a handsome view.


And Apollo ain’t bad lookin’, either. 🙂

More rain and some snow over the whole valley today. So thankful.

Across the way

5 03 2014

David and Skywalker

Another view of Skywalker and David floating across the basin away from Seven’s band. Handsome boys with a striking background (which is not part of Spring Creek Basin).

Never too old

3 03 2014

Seneca and Chipeta

Seneca still finds reassurance with her mama. Such sweet girls.

Disappointment Valley finally got a wonderful, drenching rainfall the other night. The system that came from California – and dropped much-needed rain there! – also gave us sweet relief. It’s weird to be talking about rain in early March, but we’ll take it!