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6 10 2012

Asher, adopted by local mustang advocate Tif last year after the roundup, has grown into an amazing young mustang.

The day after Tif took Asher home.

Asher, a few days ago.

In Tif’s words:
“I made the decision several months ago that I had done what I could for Asher. He had become so strong, so confident, that he needed someone that was dedicated, loving and most of all had the time that I didn’t have. Some very good people, very good friends that I’ve come to know over the years came to my mind as possible adopters for Asher. It was a difficult decision for me to make, but a decision that I had to make for him to continue to grow and flourish.

Vern and Jeri with Asher.

“What an incredibly right decision it was. Asher went to his new home for a trial run several months ago. He weighed about 515 pounds. BLM was notified of an address change. I still held title, as is required. We all wanted to make sure that it was the right fit for all parties. I remember loading him up to take him to Vern and Jeri’s house, and man, was that hard. I trailered him over with Pepper, his surrogate mom. I knew she would keep him calm and secure. He responded like he had been trailered many times before. As I left his new home, I bawled like a baby. My head knew it was the right decision, but my heart was aching. I love that little guy so much.

He’s big: 14 hands as a yearling.

“Vern and Jeri have done an incredible job with Asher, as I knew they would. They’ve had some losses recently, and it gave me some comfort that Asher was able to ease some of their pain. They’ve provided Asher with a home that I only dreamed he could have. If we had homes like theirs for all of our mustangs, the world would be a better place.

Not afraid of the stick-and-bag; note the lariat on Asher’s butt.

“Vern and Jeri have kept me posted on Asher’s progress. I’ve been out there several times to check on him, see how he’s doing, visit, as I have unlimited visitation rights. πŸ™‚ I went out this past weekend and was absolutely blown away. My little orphan has grown into an elegant young horse. See for yourself. He now weighs about 780 pounds and stands about 14 hands tall. Vern and Jeri demonstrated all of the things they do with him, from free working in their round pen, to jumping over logs and barrels, wearing and walking with a tarp, fly mask, ropes, walking up stairs onto their front porch, checking things out in the garage, giving hugs and hoof shakes, and afraid of a bag on the end of a stick? No way.

Sniffing the tarp.

Wearing the tarp.

Wearing a fly mask and blanket.

Checking out the big rubber ball!

Exploring the garage.

Enjoying a siesta on the porch.

Who’s afraid of a lariat on his head? Not Asher!

“He has two stable mates that he runs and plays with when they’re turned out together. Vern said that he’s very independent, venturing off on his own while grazing. Jeri is proud of his BLM freeze brand, as it’s a testament to what our mustangs can do.

Pasture pals.

“People are often asking what do you do with them? Everything. They are productive members of every family they belong to. They do everything a horse should do. They are amazing animals, and although they may take a bit longer to come around, some more than others, when they do come around, you have a companion for life. Truly amazing our mustangs. Asher has some baby habits still, but he’ll grow out of them. After all, he’s a yearling. Vern doesn’t let him get away with anything, and that’s as it should be.

Vern and Asher

“Thank you, Vern and Jeri, for providing the best home possible. Tears in my eyes at our visit because I know I made the right decision. Although I wish I could have him here with me, he’s so much better off under your careful training and guidance. You have brought him so far. Your kind hands and warm home have been exactly what he needed.”



6 responses

7 10 2012
Puller Lanigan

Tif, look at this as it was ‘meant to be’. You were meant to take him until he was a yearling and Vern and Jeri were meant to take over from there. Had he come into your life earlier….or later, he may not have made it to Vern and Jeri’s, to become the brave and secure boy he is now. Bravo to all of you!!!

Thank you for the update and I look forward to many more.

7 10 2012

I believe that so much, thank you for reinforcing it. It was hard, as Asher has a part of my heart. His story is amazing, and I’m glad to have been a part of it.

8 10 2012
Lynn and Kathy

Tif – Thank-you SO much for everything you did for Asher. He will ALWAYS be a part of you! These kinds of things just don’t change… ever! Angels are not always easy to see but, we do see them, eventually! πŸ™‚

17 10 2012
Bo Pruski

The story of Asher is heart warming … from the thoughtful pilot who remembered the young colt, to the care tif gave, and to the love Vern and Jeri have for Asher and his new sisters, and the patience and teaching they give him to make him the best horse he can be!

Bo Pruski

18 10 2012

Lynn and Kathy, so true! He’ll always be a part of me and my family. Thank you for your support of Asher and all our mustangs. Angels indeed, all around.
Absolutely right, Bo. Everyone working together is how it should be. A recent update, Asher has had a saddle on him, just standing there. Vern is doing incredible things to get him ready, so when it does come time to ride him in the future, nothing is new. What a grounded mustang he is.

21 10 2012
Karen Keene Day

Tif, I so enjoyed all thes photos of Asher, Veri and Jeri, growing together. The story is so inspiring. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. Karen

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