Ze and Asher update

18 10 2011

I’m loving these updates! And I’m wondering how some of our other mustangs are doing, so if you’re willing to share, please do email me (mtbgrrl (at) fone (dot) net).

Tif reports: “Ze is doing remarkably well. I was able to get a halter on and off him twice today. He leads very well, still a bit touchy here and there, but wow, what he lets me do. He’s starting to get very comfortable, which can be a problem at times, always coming into my space, so I have to send him away and remind him who’s boss! I’m so proud of how far he’s come and how brave he is. He amazes me each and every day. How did I get so lucky?  :-)”

Getting him used to a string over his head and neck.

Getting him used to how a halter will feel in anticipation of this …

Look at that!

Love them! This boy, at 2.5, is a study in patience. He has come a long way and is clearly bonded to Tif. I soooooo love to see them together!

She lights up like a star when she talks about her boys, and the updates I get lots of are balms to my heart.

Little Asher also is awesome and growing like a weed!

“He’s doing great. Still loves milk and drinks it like crazy. Obviously he’s halter broke and does okay with it. The blanket is new and he’s not too fond of that yet. I explained to him he’ll appreciate it when it gets into the 20s again! He’s a sweetheart, learning that I’m not a horse and he can’t jump on me. 😉 He still hangs out with my gelding Quest, who just adores him, and my mare Pepper, although mostly it’s the ‘boys’ hangin’ in the upper pasture. He’s grown a ton, he’s had his first month old shots, which he took like a trooper, and all in all seems to be in excellent health. The mornings are his favorite time, when he gets let out to run around like a crazy kid. This morning, he got running so fast, right to the gate, and did a sliding stop about 6 inches from it. Heart attack! Man, he’s so athletic at almost 7 weeks old.”

We’ve already had snow here in Colorado, but lately the weather has been gorgeous, typical beautiful autumn.

Asher, Tif, Selene (sp?) and shadow of 10-year-old Madison! Saintly Mr. Quest in the background.

My beautiful, beautiful friend and hunka baby Asher!

How did she get so lucky? The universe returns what we put into it, and this lady has put so much of her heart and soul into advocating for our Spring Creek Basin mustangs, her “luck” amazes me not one bit. 🙂



4 responses

19 10 2011

Love your updates.It somehow makes it just a bit easier knowing that they have great homes and will be well cared for.

19 10 2011
Karen Schmiede

What great updates. What lucky horses and people.

19 10 2011

Heartwarming updates. I still can’t believe they round up foals this young, making them run like that and seperating them from their familes when they are still on milk though. I’m glad he’s found a new mom.

19 10 2011

I love your blog. Period. End of story.

And your posting about some of the homes that the mustangs have gone to makes me love it even more! I love reading about how they are adjusting, and it is kind of their owners to share their stories. It makes for wonderful reading.

Thank you for all that you do for our equine friends.

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