11 09 2011

Though it’s a “long shot” – taken from quite a distance and cropped heavily – here’s lovely, expectant Mona:

She’s not looking real big, either, like Kootenai … she’s due Wednesday.

And another long shot – of Seven:

They were in the east pocket with Bounce’s band and Storm’s. It was the closest I’d seen Storm’s band for quite a long time, so I focused on them – and will have more pix of them coming.

I know these are all random sorts of posts … but it helps me …



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11 09 2011
maria chervenkova

Hoping for another dun factored foal.The picture is really from a distance,and I can’t see her udder,but I think she’ll not foal very soon.

11 09 2011

That’s what I was looking for, too! But it was hard to see and not clear in the pix, either. It’s cropped so much, it starts to degrade when I try to zoom in closer.

11 09 2011

It’s so nice to see such a beautiful picture of Seven since I actually saw his band with my own eyes but have only blurry cell-phone pics of him myself. He’s gorgeous! You do a remarkable job with your photograghy! I’m sick to my stomache thinking of what’s coming. Much mojo and being sent your way. Thanks for all you do, TJ. I wish there was more I could do.

12 09 2011

Thank you … We’re moving away from this. It takes time … Thanks for the mojo … it’s all needed. 🙂

13 09 2011
Melissa Margetts

{{{HUGS}}} TJ, Arms are all around you right now. We haven’t met yet but will in a couple of days. I have been out there to watch the kids and have been in love and following a few for a while now. I am the friend that Katie told you about who has been a cheerleader for the wild man Steeldust. Cheers for all you HAVE done and all you are STILL doing for these ponies. When I see you there I wills share my kleenex.

13 09 2011

Melissa – Thank you so much. Katie did tell me about you and Steeldust (did you get the pic I sent her for you?). I would be thrilled if that would happen. Bring boxes and boxes … maybe by the end I’ll have run out of tears … but I doubt it. Thank you again! See you there.

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