Cinch’s band – and distractions

11 09 2011

Cinch’s band, from left: Spook (3), Gaia (3), Cinch and Liberty (2).

In keeping with my random thought process, seeing Spook makes me think of Bruiser, which makes me think of Duke, which makes me think of the other bachelor boys. Which has nothing to do with Cinch’s band.

Duke was very near the bands up in the northwest … I think he has been enjoying the company. The horses have been rarely in this area in the last few years – the forage is usually good, but the water is not. The northwest pond is still on the list to be dug out, but it filled (as much as it was able, as shallow as it is) and held water quite awhile this summer (it’s down now to mud), and so horses have been taking advantage of it – and wandering between it and water that comes up in seeps in Spring Creek, particularly in and near the canyon, which isn’t far away. When Duke was hurt a couple of years ago (and lost Raven and Corona back to Kreacher), he favored this area … now he’s sharing it with lots of company.

Isn’t he handsome??

Bruiser, after losing Spook to Cinch, wandered between alone and with the young bachelor boys. He was with them, and they were with Chrome’s – playing with young Mr. Hayden – who will soon celebrate his second birthday, which makes him five months younger than the oldest and 2.5 months younger than the next youngest. (These boys being, in order of age from eldest to youngest (they’re all 2): Ze, Sage, Cuatro and Milagro.) Aspen was with them, then alone, the week before … but I haven’t seen lone Sundance for a couple of weeks.

Other things distracted me from a visit with Chrome’s and the boys, so no pix of them.

Speaking of distractions …

Hi, Varo! See how dark he’s gotten? His family was also on the hill, very close to Cinch’s. I napped with them later and studied the clouds and tried not to think about the trapsite, behind and below them.

So much of the day was trying to distract myself with the horses … knowing what’s coming, knowing they do not … Pretty freakin’ hard.

And back to Cinch’s. I think they were watching Mouse and Steeldust … Steeldust is dominant again – still? Cinch and the girls held their ground for a while, then the hill became too crowded (Hook’s came up, too), and they retreated to graze.

It all makes perfect sense … and I am in need of distractions. As positive as I’m trying to be, because it’s necessary, I cry often …



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11 09 2011
maria chervenkova

Hi TJ.One question from me.Will BLM remove mares with foals and adults,or only young horses(1-4 years),like they do in Pryors.

11 09 2011

Horses 1 to 4 years old will be eligible for adoption, is the best way to say this. We won’t take all those youngsters (and that’s partly where my knowledge of them comes in). Yes, they probably will remove some mares with foals – last time, the foals were not weaned at the roundup EXCEPT those weaned from the mares that were released (only Reya was released with her dam, Kiowa, but I don’t know the reason for that). We have asked about that but have not been given details. I’d like to see the mares that are to be given the PZP primer and released be released with their foals … but again, I have no confirmation of that. My plan/hope is to keep the oldest horses (I don’t know exact ages of anybody older than 4). Unfortunately, it’s all speculation – even for me and BLM – until the roundup happens and we have horses in front of us. When we do the bait trapping, we will be able to plan specifically for removals.

11 09 2011
Linda Horn

TJ, I try not to cry, but, as the time draws nearer, it gets harder and harder to do. Who will stay, and who will go haunts me. Will we ever know what’s happened to adoptees, and, if so, how many. I considered attending the roundup, but realized I just couldn’t bear to see it. I have enough trouble watching the videos. Knowing you and a number of others will be there to keep an eye on things gives me great comfort.

11 09 2011
maria chervenkova

I hope that people who adopt a horse/horses will find this site and give us a link where they can upload photos of the adopted horses ate least once a year, as I understand that there will probably be adopters that don’t use internet.I’m glad that there are people who upload photos of their horses they adopted from the Pryors in 2009.We see many foals born and we watch them grow and when they are removed,you will probably never see them again.It’s so sad.But the most important thing is horses to be well.

11 09 2011

Linda … yes … thank you …

Linda and Maria – One of the things I will give adopters when I give them the packets for their mustang is my email address and this blog URL. And I hope to talk to them and ask whether they’d be interested in keeping in touch with me – so I can keep in touch with all of you – about their journeys with their Spring Creek Basin mustangs. I certainly don’t expect everyone to do so … but I’m hopeful some will. (At least one family has already sent me pix that I’ve saved away for this purpose. They adopted in 2005 and in 2007.) I want to follow their lives as much as you all do … and hopefully some adopters will be willing to share.

I want them all to know their horse has been – is – loved … most of all …

11 09 2011

I will be thinking of you.

12 09 2011

Thanks, Billie … Thank you, really, for the last four years. 🙂

12 09 2011
Nancy Roberts

TJ, what about the Sand Wash Mares? I get a lump in my throat thinking about this. I am glad they are showing them off to the public and not just trucking them to Canon City. Good luck with everything. I am thinking about you and your beloved herd. Nancy

12 09 2011

The Sand Wash Basin mares will not be targeted for roundup at all – partly because of their genetics and partly because two will have very young foals (or about to – Mona hasn’t foaled yet as of Thursday). I’m not sure what you mean about showing them off to the public? Thank you … it’s gonna be rough … and yet we’ve worked for lots of years to get here – and beyond.

12 09 2011
Toppyrocks/ Rachel

Will there be birth control given to mares that are released? Is that herd management program (with the Native PZP) going to be started with this roundup? I hope that happens soon.

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