3 09 2011

While I was tweaking photos of the pintos for the ID book last night, I couldn’t resist pulling these also to tweak for the blog.

Reya, Kiowa’s 4-year-old daughter. She was released with Kiowa after the 2007 roundup. Kiowa’s 3-year-old daughter (Spook) and 2-year-old son (Milagro) have left, but Reya stays with mama …

Kiowa, matriarch of the pinto band. All her babies since 2007 have survived, and until Milagro left to join the bachelors (Spook left this spring), they were all with her.

And the newest of Kiowa’s babies: Sweet Hacho.



One response

6 09 2011

They are so perfect looking! I love when you post up-close pictures, they just seem to capture the horses’ personalities best.

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