Hello, baby!

25 08 2011

Well, it turns out Julie was right! On Friday, Aug. 19, Kootenai was just days away from foaling!

But Julie’s official guess was Sept. 1.

I confess, until I saw Kootenai last Friday, I thought she was going to make to September. After Friday, I was sure she wouldn’t make it out of August – though I didn’t really expect it to be this soon! (So just for being so close after Friday’s pix, I’m going to send Julie a calendar, too.)

I further confess that when I finally found Kootenai yesterday with this light little bundle at her hooves, I squealed and cried just like I did when I saw our first foal of the year – Iya’s Cougar. 🙂

Three guesses are close – Aug. 20 (Zacharias), Aug. 22 (Toppyrocks/Rachel) and Aug. 24 (Maria).

I knew it was going to be tough!

Speaking of tough – just try to resist that little face – do you see those lines above her eyes??

I have my guess as to her age, but to be as fair as possible, as promised, I have sent pictures to a local veterinarian to get a “professional opinion.” I’ll let you know what she thinks as soon as possible.

In the meantime, I introduce to you our newest member of Spring Creek Basin!

P.S. Volunteers and BLM met (in person and via conference call) yesterday at the Dolores Public Lands Office to talk about the roundup and adoption. I will have more information in a separate post – including a phone number that you will be able to call for updates about each day of the roundup – but we did talk at length about the mares due to foal immediately (at the time, I did not know Kootenai had foaled, just that she was close) and that they will NOT be targeted for roundup/capture. This includes Kreacher’s band (Raven/Apollo and Kootenai and her new daughter), Seven’s band (Roja/Killian, Mona/foal due Sept. 15 and Mona’s yearling daughter, Shane) and Ty’s band (Chipeta – due Sept. 1 – and her yearling daughter, Puzzle).



11 responses

25 08 2011
maria chervenkova

What a beautiful dunskin.So cute,the filly’s blaze looks like her mother’s blaze.I think that the foal was born on 22nd or 23rd of August.At least i was close.I hope she will live free all her life on the basin.

25 08 2011
Julie Onshus

OMG what a little doll!!! She is adorable love all the dun, markings she will be a stellar filly as she matures. Super Job guys!!!. And thank you for the thoughts of the calendar. I am excited!!! I have seen my share of brood mares and looking at her udder she definitely was very close.

25 08 2011
Julie Onshus

She looks like she was probably born around the weekend she still has that new baby look being scrunched up yet. And TJ I have checked this site 3-4 times a day since the 19th waiting to see the little one the anticipation was awful!!! LOL

25 08 2011

Maria – You are SO close! Close enough, I have to go to a professional to get a more definitive decision about her birthday! And you’ll always know that your guess was the day I actually found her!

Julie – Isn’t she divine? Worth the wait! I’m going to send you an email to get your address for the calendar (for later this year). This might have been the most anticipated baby since Storm! Ha. At times, I wish I had connection from the basin – some things are too delicious to have to wait to announce! But overall, it’s my haven, and I’m glad there’s almost zero service. 🙂

25 08 2011
Julie Onshus

Sounds good TJ yes she is divine I was pretty excited when I saw the heading welcome baby!!! I think I almost squealed!!! LOL

25 08 2011
Julie Onshus

She actually doesn’t look like she will grey either usually you can see the rings around the eyes right away. I just love her.

25 08 2011
Linda Horn

Welcome to the world, baby girl! Be good, and do what Mama tells you. Grow up beautiful and strong … and free!!!

26 08 2011
Karen Schmiede

What a beautiful baby. May she have a long and free life.

26 08 2011

She is beautiful, TJ!! Love the markings and that face mark is so cute! Congrats to whoever guessed the right date!

26 08 2011
Lynn and Kathy

She’s a BEAUTY! Welcome to your world, little one!! We can’t wait to see you!

4 09 2011
kim Zamudio

Hi TJ,
I just wanted to let you know we are thinking of you these next few weeks. I greatly admire your work and your well educated “Hands on” experience with these horses. I know the Round up will not be easy for you. The horses are so lucky to have you as their advocate.
Hope to see you soon, Kim and Joe

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