Admiral & Kapitan

28 07 2011

As most of you have heard, Pryor Mountain lost a great stallion, Admiral, and his son Kapitan recently when they were struck and killed by a driver suspected of being under the influence of alcohol.

Admiral, Kapitan, Hightail, Seneca and Jesse James were the last horses I saw in the Pryors last summer on my way to Billings for PZP training. Matt Dillon took me out to see the horses, and we picked up some other visitors as well who spent a beautiful morning marveling at the peacefully grazing horses. I am such a sucker for bays, and dark, rich glorious bays such as Admiral – as Admiral himself – are just stunning.


Kapitan & Seneca (?)



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28 07 2011

I knew you would do something like this for them :] They were so beautiful and sweet.

28 07 2011
Karen Schmiede

I am so sorry about this. They were such beautiful horses. I was sad when Sam died, but this is so much worse. I hope Hightail and Seneca are ok,and also Jesse James, the two year old.

28 07 2011
Lynn and Kathy

This is heartbreaking of a magnitude that can’t be described. All we can say is, “two-legged” stupidity never ceases to amaze. Many are so selfish, that they can’t, or more likely WON’T, learn that this planet does not just exist for them. All of its beings were put here for a reason. It’s our job to protect and educate when and where we can. It starts with the youngsters…

29 07 2011
maria chervenkova

Jesse James is a bachelor now and hangs out with another bachelor.Seneca is pregnant and i hope she didn’t get hurt in the accident.

29 07 2011
Lynn and Kathy

This was an incredibly horrific incident and we honestly believe the answer is EDUCATION and INFORMATION. All of us need to help, in our own way, to get folks to really SEE and understand the wild horse populations still left in this country.Once you see and spend time with them, then, you can begin to be of help. Yes, we CARE VERY MUCH about this incident and about “our own special horses in Spring Creek.” It’s easy to focus your attention on individual horses, but we know now, the fight has to involve many, many more people for ALL wild horses facing the loss of their homes and, even their lives. Please do what you can – a letter, a FB post, a twitter message, whatever you’re comfortable with and let your representatives and senators know how you feel.

30 07 2011

Agreed. Education is key … in so many areas.

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